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Rimba Rubber Secrets Long Black Latex Gloves

Size Guide

Long rubber gloves, 58 cm. You can combine these with all of your rubber outfits !
This range is very well known for the excellent quality of the materials that are used. The beautiful line of clothing is made by dipping specialized molds into 100% natural latex.
This is why all articles are seamless and have a stretch guarantee of more than 600%. This allows you to adjust the article sizing (length, arm hole size, etc.) yourself by using a sharp scissors.
Class up your accessories with these outlandishly classy long high gloss black rubber gloves, ideal to be worn as a sexy accessory to one of our sexy rubber dresses, especially for that erotic romantic diner date!. You have the option to cut and shape this item to suit your own preferences without it splitting. Rubber Secrets are famous for their quality items using a UV material that is chemical resistant. A taste of classy rubber with posh elegance!
You can wear latex clothing in two ways, dry and wet. Dry, use talcum powder all over your body and the article so you can slip into your garment. The wet way, use a massage oil in a water or silicone base and slide into your kinky adventure.
To clean and preserve:
Hand wash in water with a little bit of soap and dry carefully.
Always keep your rubber articles out of the light, especially direct sun, because latex and rubber are not UV resistant.
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Specifications of the Rimba Rubber Secrets Long Black Latex Gloves

Washing : Wipe down
Colour : Black
Flexibility : Slight
For Who : Female
Brand : Rimba
Style : Gloves