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Rimba Stainless Steel Long Nipple Clamps With 250g Weights

by Rimba
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Experience the intense pleasures and sensational orgasms with the perfectly designed Sexy BDSM Bondage Nipple Clamps with Weight 250 G.

Consider using this incredible bondage accessories toy to spice up your bedroom vibes. The nipple clamps are designed perfectly for both males and females who crave intense nipple play and sensational pleasures. The set features two clamps and soft leather 250 g weights attached at the O-ring point of the intersection. The soft leather weights are designed to deliver a pleasurable tugging sensation, and if done right, you will be in for intense sensational stimulation on the nipples and more intensified orgasms. The clamps have firm flexibility and are made from stainless steel and coated with hairy flair to comfortably clip your firm nipples for erotic pleasures.

The Sexy BDSM Bondage Nipple Clamps with Weight 250 G are perfectly crated for use by both genders, and their versatility allows you to attach them to other sensitive body parts such as the labia and the scrotum, and still be able to enjoy intense tugging sensations. Furthermore, the clamp and leather weights are available in different sizes, so grab the right size and inject some much-needed fun passion between you and your partner.

Specifications of Sexy BDSM Bondage Nipple Clamps with Weight 250g

Colour : Black
Flexibility : Rigid
For Who : Both
Features : 1 x 250g Pair
Brand : Rimba

Customer Reviews

Based on 1 review
A.P. (Frankfurt am Main, DE)
Enhanced sensitivity and intriguing sensations with adjustable clamps and weights.

Sharing my honest experience with the Sexy BDSM Bondage Nipple Clamps with 250g Weight from Peaches and Screams – an intriguing journey into heightened sensations and tactile pleasure:

Upon receiving the product, I was immediately drawn to the unique addition of the weighted chains. The clamps themselves had a straightforward design, with rubber tips for added comfort. The metallic color gave them a classic look, and the overall construction felt sturdy and well-made.

Attaching the clamps was relatively easy, and the rubber tips provided a gentler touch during the process. However, it took a few adjustments to find the right balance of pressure and comfort. Once in place, the sensation was immediate and intense, with the weight of the chains adding a novel layer of stimulation.

The addition of the 250g weight chains was a game-changer. The gentle pull created by the weights intensified the pinch of the clamps, and the sensation was unlike anything I had experienced before. It created a pleasurable mix of pressure and slight pain that was both arousing and exhilarating.

As I experimented with the clamps and weights, I discovered that even the slightest movement resulted in a cascade of sensations. The weights swung and tugged, delivering a constant reminder of their presence and adding an interactive element to the play. This interplay between movement and sensation was a definite highlight.

However, there were a couple of aspects that slightly dampened my enthusiasm. The rubber tips, while a nice touch for comfort, tended to shift during use, which required occasional adjustments. Additionally, the intensity of the sensation might be overwhelming for those new to nipple play or with a lower pain threshold. Careful communication with a partner is essential to ensure a positive experience.

In summary, my exploration with the Sexy BDSM Bondage Nipple Clamps with 250g Weight was a journey of intense sensations and tactile discovery. The design, combined with the weighted chains, offered a unique blend of pleasure and mild pain that was both captivating and invigorating. The issues with the rubber tips and potential intensity might be considerations for some users, but for those seeking a truly immersive nipple play experience, these clamps are definitely worth exploring, preferably with a partner who shares your curiosity and enthusiasm.