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Rimba Stainless-steel Silver Penis And Ball Crusher For Him

by Rimba
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Get kinky with your partner during bondage play with thisSilver Metal Penis and Ball Crusher that delivers extreme pleasure.

This penis and ball crusher for BDSM play is durable, soft, and safeto use. You can also use it for as long as you want without worrying about it wearing out due to its durability. Moreover, it is made from a safe material that allows everyone to use it without worrying about backlashes from their sensitive skin. Although the toy is small and discreet, it is stretchable enough to fit any penis size and balls without breaking. Its smaller size also makes it discreet and easily portable.

The ball crusher is effective and will keep your hips up and down to create room for your masturbation. It is also an incredible toy that keeps your fingers away from the gland. It is perfectly designed to fit any man's penis without struggling for multiple plays. Also, the toy is easy to use and handle. If used by a professional, it delivers maximumsexual effects, although anybody can use it regardless of expertise. Wash the toy after use to avoid bacterial accumulation that may cause infections.

Specifications of Silver Metal Penis and Ball Crusher for Bondage Play

Length : 2.75 Inches
Washing : Hot soapy water and toy cleaner
Diameter : 2.35 Inches
Colour : Silver
Flexibility : Firm
For Who : Both
Brand : Rimba
Size : 2.75 Inches

Customer Reviews

Based on 1 review
A. (Northampton, GB)
Intense sensations and psychological vulnerability in controlled BDSM exploration

Curiosity led me to explore the realms of bondage play, and that's how I stumbled upon the Silver Metal Penis and Ball Crusher from Peaches and Screams. With a mixture of anticipation and trepidation, I decided to give it a try and push my boundaries a bit further. Here's my honest account of my experience:

When the product arrived, I was immediately struck by its weight and construction. The solid metal design was evident, and the adjustable screws allowed for customization based on comfort level. As someone relatively new to this type of play, I appreciated the control the crusher offered.

Using the device required some trial and error. The screws needed careful adjustment to strike a balance between stimulation and discomfort. The sensation of the metal plates pressing against my skin was both intense and intriguing. The gradual tightening process was gradual, allowing me to gauge my limits and adapt accordingly.

One aspect I enjoyed was the sensation of vulnerability the crusher induced. It required a level of trust in my partner, adding an element of psychological stimulation to the experience. The weightiness of the metal added a sensation of pressure that was quite unlike anything I'd felt before.

The design was well-considered, with rounded edges and smooth surfaces that reduced the risk of pinching or discomfort. It was also relatively easy to clean, which is essential in any bondage play scenario.

However, it's important to note that this kind of play isn't for the faint of heart. The sensation of pressure can range from mild discomfort to a level that some might find overwhelming.

Additionally, communication and trust with a partner are paramount when using such devices. Checking in regularly and having a clear safeword ensured that the experience remained consensual and enjoyable.

In conclusion, my experience with the Silver Metal Penis and Ball Crusher was a journey into the realm of BDSM that tested my limits in a unique way. The solid metal construction, adjustable design, and the sensations it induced were unlike any other form of stimulation. If you're prepared to embrace a mix of discomfort and pleasure, this device could be an intriguing addition to your bondage play toolkit.