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Rouge Garments Adjustable Black And Purple Padded Collar

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Make your partner become your slave with the Rouge Garments Black Purple Padded Bondage Collar. This will leave your partner obeying all your orders, giving your increased pleasure. The black collar features a purple color that adds a taste of erotic feeling to it. It is slightly flexible, making it fit your neck with ease, and will give you space to bend your neck if the need arises. It is made of quality leather material that makes it strong and long-lasting to give you endless pleasure. It features three D-rings to give you extra options for attachments.

More options mean more fun and as if that is not enough, the amazing purple collar also features additional fully adjustable padding. The amazing bondage collar is the best choice for newbies since it is easy to use. All you need is to simply select the pressure of your desire and watch how your partner will get off from it. The amazing purple collar is safe from bruises and features a measurement of 16.5 inches in length for perfect fitting. It is suitable for both men and women and comes with a buckle for fastening. It gives you the option of adding different toys to the ring.


Specifications of Rouge Garments Black And Purple Padded Bondage Collar

Length : 16.5 Inches
Fastening : Buckle
Washing : Wipe down
Colour : Purple
Flexibility : Slight
For Who : Both
Features : Adjustable Sizes
Brand : Rouge Garments
Size : 16.5 Inches

Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
S. (Athens, GR)
Comfortable padding and stylish design enhance bondage play experience.

I recently tried out the Rouge Garments Adjustable Black And Purple Padded Collar, and here's my honest experience with it:

The collar's design immediately caught my eye with its sleek combination of black leather and vibrant purple padding. It adds a touch of sophistication and excitement to bondage play, which I found visually appealing.

The padding itself is plush and comfortable, providing a cushioned feel around the neck during use. This was particularly enjoyable as it ensured a snug fit without feeling overly tight or restrictive, making longer sessions more comfortable.

Adjustability is another strong point of this collar. The buckles are easy to adjust, allowing for a personalized fit that stays secure even during more intense activities. This adaptability is great for ensuring both comfort and safety.

However, one aspect that I noted is that the sizing might be more suited for average to larger neck sizes. For those with smaller necks, it might feel a bit loose even when adjusted to the smallest setting.

Overall, the Rouge Garments Adjustable Black And Purple Padded Collar is a well-crafted piece of bondage gear that combines style with comfort. It's suitable for anyone looking to enhance their playtime with a reliable and visually appealing accessory.

Comfortable, stylish submission; D-ring versatility for power dynamics

Delving into the world of BDSM, I decided to incorporate the Rouge Garments Black and Purple Padded Bondage Collar from Peaches and Screams into my play. The allure of submission and the aesthetics of the collar drew me in, and here's an unfiltered account of my experience using this product.

The black and purple combination not only looked visually appealing but also exuded an air of sophistication. The quality of the materials was evident, and the overall craftsmanship was impressive. The padded interior was a thoughtful touch, ensuring comfort during wear.

Wearing the collar brought forth an interesting blend of sensations. The plush padding made it comfortable to wear for extended periods, and the adjustable buckle ensured a snug fit. The collar itself was a reminder of my submissive role, which added a psychological layer to the experience. I appreciated the balance between comfort and symbolism.

The D-ring on the collar allowed for easy attachment to leashes, chains, or other bondage accessories, which enhanced the overall versatility. Exploring power dynamics was intriguing as the collar played a significant role in the power exchange dynamic. It encouraged communication and negotiation with my partner, fostering a deeper connection.

However, there were some considerations that emerged during my experience. The aesthetics and symbolism of the collar may not be suitable for all situations, so discretion is advised in certain settings.

The overall experience with the Rouge Garments Padded Bondage Collar was positive. The combination of aesthetics, comfort, and symbolism made it an essential addition to my BDSM play. The versatility of the collar, coupled with its role in power dynamics, created an immersive experience that extended beyond the bedroom.

In summary, the Rouge Garments Black and Purple Padded Bondage Collar is a well-crafted accessory for those seeking to explore submission and power play. The design, comfort, and attachment options make it a valuable addition to any bondage collection. Just be mindful of individual comfort levels and the context in which you choose to use it. If you're ready to embrace the world of BDSM, this collar offers a stylish and symbolic entry point into the journey of submission and dominance.