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Rouge Garments Adjustable Purple Padded Ankle Cuff Restraints

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The 13 inch padded leather-made Adjustable Purple Padded Cuff Restraints are ideal limiting leg movements from a defiance partner who resists your dirty bedroom moves.

Cuffing a stubborn partner makes the intimacy pleasurable. Leg movements can be boring and restricting them can result in explosive sex full of orgasms. The 13 inch Adjustable Padded Ankle Cuff Restraints is capable of cuffing various leg sizes of intimae partners making sex easy to happen. Also, the leather used in crafting this product can with stand kinky bedroom games to serve for a long time. The cuff has a detachable trigger hook connecting to a D ring to enhance support. However, you can adjust the constriction to get the ideal comfort for your lover.

Adjustable Purple Padded Ankle Cuff Restraints are made with extra soft   materials does that marks on the legs when used for a long time. Ankle   cuff restraints can do a pretty job when combined with the wrist cuffs to make lovers submissive in the bedroom. Adjustable Purple Padded Cuff Restraints are flexible for cuffing lovers in various positions. More interestingly, this produce can spice up the bondage play for all genders.  Keeping the adjustable Padded Ankle Cuff Restraints clean improves their durability. Therefore, ensure you wipe them out after the bondage plays with your partner.

Specifications of the Adjustable Purple Padded Ankle Cuff Restraints

Length : 13 Inches
Washing : Wipe down
Colour : Purple
Flexibility : Very
For Who : Both
Brand : Rouge Garments
Size : 13 Inches

Customer Reviews

Based on 1 review
N.y. (Montgomery, US)
Comfortable padding and vibrant color enhance my BDSM play

I recently delved into the Adjustable Purple Padded Ankle Cuff Restraints from Peaches and Screams for my BDSM adventures, and I'm here to share my candid experience. Overall, these cuffs presented both positive aspects and a few areas of improvement.

Starting with the positives, the adjustable feature of these cuffs deserves a nod. Finding the right fit was hassle-free, and the cuffs remained snug without cutting into my skin during play. The padding on the inner side was a real game-changer; it provided an extra layer of comfort, reducing the risk of any unwanted chafing or pressure points. This was a huge plus during extended sessions when comfort becomes crucial.

The vibrant purple color was a visual treat and added a touch of playfulness to the experience. The hardware, including the buckles and D-rings, seemed durable and dependable throughout my playtime. The quick-release option also brought peace of mind; knowing I could swiftly free myself when necessary enhanced the sense of safety during more intense scenes.

In terms of versatility, these ankle cuffs proved to be quite accommodating. I found them easy to integrate with various bondage setups and accessories, allowing me to explore different scenarios without limitations. This adaptability added depth to my play sessions and encouraged creative experimentation.

On the flip side, there were a couple of areas where these cuffs fell a bit short. While the padding was comfortable overall, I did notice that it compressed slightly over time, leading to a slight loss in cushioning during prolonged use. This could potentially be improved to maintain consistent comfort throughout play. Additionally, the adjustability, while convenient, required a bit of effort to fine-tune for a secure fit, which could disrupt the flow of a scene.

In conclusion, the Adjustable Purple Padded Ankle Cuff Restraints from Peaches and Screams offer a decent option for those exploring BDSM play. The padding and color add comfort and aesthetic appeal, while the cuffs' durability and quick-release feature contribute to a sense of security. Though improvements could be made to the padding's longevity and adjustability ease, these cuffs still provide a valuable tool for diversifying and enhancing BDSM experiences. Whether you're a newcomer or a seasoned player, these cuffs might just find a place in your collection.