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Rouge Garments Black And Pink Padded Posture Collar

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Want to indulge in some collared sexual role play?! Well never have to worry about straining or bruising your neck again!... The 3-Inch Wide Pink and Black Leather Padded Posture Collar is a fully adjustable collar, padded for extra comfort has D Rings and is 3inches wide. Provides ideal comfort for when it’s time for some master and slave collar action! Ideal for novices and masters alike, the collar comes in a variety of decorative colors with a padding to protect the neck and wide enough to have your neck comfy even when you're in the wildest of positions! Set a scenario were you are a slave caught trying to escape! Your circumstance is dire all you can do now is take your sexual punishment as your master collars you and begins to torture you remain defiant! Taunt them for more since you can handle it as the tug at your collar placing you in their desired positions slapping and spanking you! Or you can both be slaves each of you wearing the 3-Inch Wide Pink and Black Leather Padded Posture Collar! Ravage each other tirelessly for your master's enjoyment! Wear your collar with pride! Get a lead for your collar for extra sexual enjoyment!

Specifications of the 3-Inch Wide Pink and Black Leather Padded Posture Collar

Length : 16.5 Inches
Fastening : Buckle
Washing : Wipe down
Colour : Pink
Flexibility : Slight
For Who : Both
Brand : Rouge Garments
Size : 16.5 Inches

Customer Reviews

Based on 1 review
Striking design, comfort, and discreet ordering for BDSM posture play

I recently had the chance to try out the 3-Inch Wide Pink and Black Leather Padded Posture Collar from peachesandscreams.co.uk, and I'm here to provide an honest review based on my experience.

The packaging ensured my privacy, which is crucial for items like these.

Now, let's dive into the posture collar itself. The design stands out with its pink and black leather combination, lending it a visually appealing look. The 3-inch width provides good coverage, and the padding adds a layer of comfort during wear.

Using the posture collar was intriguing. The adjustable buckle allowed for a secure fit, and the padding prevented any discomfort from extended wear. The collar provided the intended posture support, keeping my neck in an upright position.

In terms of comfort, the collar felt sturdy and well-made, while remaining comfortable to wear. The leather quality was evident, and the craftsmanship was commendable. The O-ring at the front added an extra dimension for attaching leashes or other restraints, making it suitable for BDSM play.

It's worth noting that prolonged wear might not be suitable for everyone, particularly for those new to wearing posture collars. Paying attention to your body's cues and taking breaks as needed is important to avoid any discomfort or strain.

Cleaning the leather collar was fairly straightforward, but adhering to the care instructions is vital to maintain its quality.

In summary, the 3-Inch Wide Pink and Black Leather Padded Posture Collar from peachesandscreams.co.uk offers a well-designed tool for those interested in posture play and BDSM. While extended wear might require some adjustments, the quality craftsmanship, unique design, and discreet ordering process make it a worthwhile addition to your collection.