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Rouge Garments Purple Leather Lead With Metal Chain And Trigger Hook

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For Lovers of Restrictions and Bondage Play
 The lead is crafted using a leather material that is durable
 The metal chain is rust free and has a trigger hook on one end
 The buckle is adjustable
You can now restrict the movement of your partner by using the Rouge Garments Purple Leather Lead with Metal Chain and Trigger Hook. You can either use it on both their hands or on the neck but whichever way you choose, your partner will love being your slave and you as the master. You can fix the trigger hook on your belt and have your partner follow you around. The lead is made using a leather material which can withstand extensive wear and is long lasting. Moreover, it’s comfortable and does not leave undesired marks on the neck or the hands.
The metal chain is stainless, and it has a trigger hook. Add this bondage toy to your collection and have fun exploring the pleasures of bondage play.
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Specifications of Rouge Garments Purple Leather Lead with Metal Chain and Trigger Hook

Washing : Wipe down
Colour : Purple
Flexibility : Firm
For Who : Both
Brand : Rouge Garments

Customer Reviews

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I. (London, GB)
Empowering control with stylish design and versatile connection options

As someone who enjoys exploring power dynamics and control in my BDSM play, I recently incorporated the Rouge Purple Leather Lead with Metal Chain and Trigger Hook from Peaches and Screams into my sessions. Here's my candid take on this particular product based on my personal experience.

Right off the bat, the aesthetics of this lead caught my attention. The deep purple leather exudes a certain elegance, while the metal chain adds a hint of ruggedness. The trigger hook is sturdy and easy to attach to collars or cuffs, providing a reliable connection during play. The overall design seemed well thought out and visually appealing.

Using the lead itself was an interesting journey. The weight of the metal chain felt substantial in my hand, giving me a tangible sense of control. This was particularly enjoyable when leading my partner around, as the weight provided a satisfying pull that added an extra layer of excitement to our scenes. The length of the lead allowed for a comfortable distance between me and my partner, ensuring safety while maintaining the desired level of restraint.

The leather handle was a nice touch, making it comfortable to hold even during longer play sessions. However, this is where I encountered a minor hiccup. While the leather was soft, extended use did cause some slight discomfort due to friction against the skin. It might be worth considering using the lead in combination with gloves or wrapping the handle with a softer material for added comfort.

One noteworthy aspect of this lead is its versatility. The trigger hook can be easily connected to a variety of bondage accessories, allowing you to customize your experience based on your preferences. This adaptability adds value to the product and opens up opportunities for creative exploration.

In conclusion, the Rouge Purple Leather Lead with Metal Chain and Trigger Hook is a visually appealing and functional addition to BDSM play. Its balance of elegance and ruggedness, along with the engaging weight of the chain, contributes to an enhanced sense of control during scenes. While the leather handle might benefit from some additional padding for extended use, the lead's overall versatility and effectiveness make it a valuable tool for those looking to embrace power dynamics in their play.