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Rouge Garments Red And Black Padded Leather Ankle Cuff Restraints

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Enslave Your Partner with the Red and Black Padded Ankle Cuff Restraints
 Made using long lasting leather material
 Features adjustable buckle straps
 It is padded for comfort
If you and your partner are lovers of kinky play and bondage, then the Red and Black Padded Ankle Cuff Restraints is the perfect ankle bondage. It is crafted using a leather material which guarantees longevity and comfortability. It’s designed to withstand much strain, and the padded and fully adjustable trigger hook chain enables you to adjust the cuffs to a comfortable fit. The hook chain is 13 inches long, and the metal is stainless.
The fact that these ankle cuffs are padded means that they are comfortable to wear for longer durations and does not leave any unwanted marks. Add these cuffs to your collection, and you can be sure that your lover will love being your slave.
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Specifications of the Red and Black Padded Ankle Cuff Restraints

Length : 11 Inches
Fastening : Buckle
Washing : Wipe down
Colour : Black
Flexibility : Very
For Who : Both
Brand : Rouge Garments
Size : 11 Inches

Customer Reviews

Based on 1 review
E. (London, GB)
Elegant comfort; padded ankle cuffs for pleasurable restraint exploration

I recently had the chance to experiment with the Red and Black Padded Ankle Cuff Restraints from Peaches and Screams, aiming to introduce a new level of excitement into my intimate moments. The concept of padded ankle cuffs caught my attention, and I was curious to see how they would enhance our playtime. Here's an honest account of my experience with the product:

The packaging of the ankle cuff restraints was straightforward and discreet. The cuffs themselves featured a striking combination of red and black, giving them an enticing aesthetic. The soft padding was immediately noticeable and seemed promising for providing comfort during use.

Attaching the ankle cuffs was a breeze, thanks to the adjustable buckle closures. The padded interior provided a comfortable and snug fit without any chafing or discomfort. The D-rings on the cuffs allowed for versatile attachment to other restraints or accessories, adding to the possibilities.

During use, the padded ankle cuffs added a layer of comfort that was greatly appreciated. The cushioning prevented any marks or irritation on my ankles, making the experience more enjoyable. The sensation of being restrained was heightened by the comfort factor, adding to the overall excitement.

One aspect that stood out was the versatility of the cuffs. The adjustable straps ensured a secure fit, and the padding allowed for extended periods of play without discomfort. The red and black color combination added a touch of eroticism to the experience.

However, as with any personal preference, comfort levels can differ. While the padding was perfect for me, others might prefer a different level of cushioning or firmness. Additionally, the usual importance of open communication and mutual consent applies when exploring any form of bondage play.

In conclusion, the Red and Black Padded Ankle Cuff Restraints offered a visually appealing and comfortable way to delve into restraint play. The soft padding and adjustable fit were definite highlights, creating an enjoyable experience overall. If you're looking to introduce a new dimension of excitement to your intimate moments, these ankle cuffs could be a worthwhile addition, provided that communication and consent are always a priority.