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Rouge Garments Stainless Steel Silver Large Speculum For Her

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Feed your inner bondage doctor-patient role-play desires with the large stainless steel anal speculum for BDSM bondage play. The device is crafted to offer intense stimulation to those of vaginal examination.

The rouge garments stainless steel speculum is used by women. It offers wild sensations on the vagina and allows easier penetrations or insertions of dildos. The speculum is crafted to slowly open the vagina for quick access to top deeper spots. The opened vagina provides erotic stimulating view that will turn any man on immensely. Use this kinky device during foreplay or penetrative sex to enhance sensory stimulation. The product features a flat blade for safe sexual play, preventing deeper insertions that can be painful. The flat blades anchor the vaginal lips, easing the speculum's entrance to widely open your vagina. The stainless-steel feature provides temperature play. You can use the device either with warm or cold water for added stimulation. The anal speculum measures 6 inches long, has a width of 1.5 inches and is a shiny silver color. It's firm and rigid for a safe vaginal opening. Sterilize the device before use to avoid infections. Wash the speculum using warm soapy water and a toy cleaner after use.

Specifications of Large Stainless Steel Anal Speculum for BDSM Bondage Play

Washing : Hot soapy water and toy cleaner
Colour : Silver
Flexibility : Rigid
For Who : Female
Brand : Rouge Garments
Size : See Description

Customer Reviews

Based on 1 review
C. (Phoenix, US)
Unique vulnerability and intense sensations for adventurous exploration

As someone who's always been curious about pushing boundaries and trying new things, I recently decided to delve into the realm of BDSM and bondage play with the Large Stainless Steel Anal Speculum from Peaches and Screams. This product promised an intense and unique experience, and I was eager to see how it would fit into my exploration of new sensations.

Upon receiving the anal speculum, I was struck by its solid stainless steel construction. The weight and feel of the material conveyed a sense of durability and sturdiness, which helped alleviate any concerns I had about safety. The two prongs were smoothly contoured, and the adjustable screw mechanism seemed well-designed for gradual and controlled expansion.

Using the speculum required a bit of patience and finesse, especially for someone new to this kind of play. I made sure to communicate openly and honestly with my partner, and we took our time experimenting with different levels of insertion. The coolness of the stainless steel against the skin added an interesting sensory dimension to the experience.

What I particularly enjoyed about this product was the unique sensation it offered. As the speculum was slowly opened, I could feel a gentle stretching and a distinct sense of vulnerability. The visual aspect added a psychological layer to the experience, making me feel both exposed and aroused in a way I hadn't anticipated. The adjustable screw mechanism allowed for gradual exploration, and the experience was truly unlike anything I'd tried before.

However, there were certain aspects that gave me pause. The stainless steel material, while adding a sense of quality, could feel a bit cold initially, which might require some adjustment for comfort. Additionally, the sensation of being stretched might not be everyone's cup of tea, and it's important to proceed with caution, especially for those who are new to anal play.

In conclusion, the Large Stainless Steel Anal Speculum from Peaches and Screams is an intense and thought-provoking addition to BDSM and bondage play. The quality and design of the product are apparent, and the unique sensations it offers can open up new avenues of exploration. However, it's crucial to prioritize open communication, patience, and a strong understanding of personal boundaries when incorporating this kind of play into your intimate experiences. If you're curious about stretching your comfort zone and exploring vulnerability, this speculum might be an intriguing choice to consider.