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Rouge Garments


Rouge Stainless Steel Wrist Shackle Restraints

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Enjoying the great prisoner-cop game is not as effective if the prisoner is not in some great looking and authentic shackles. With the assumption of them being a hardened criminal, normal cuffs don’t cut it and you need him or her in some hard core gear, appropriate for their notoriety. If your era is a bit in the historical era, the Rouge Stainless Steel Wrist Shackle Restraints have the authentic look that gives your role play session a great prop to get the story flowing well enough. The shackles have 7 inches of chain between them, allowing you to keep the legs apart as you serve your prisoner some good old sex on a platter. The shackles are also great for the wrists, enabling you to lead the prisoner to and from their cell by tugging gently on the chain, or even wrapping the chain around a pole and getting some great bend over action as they hold on to dear life. The silver color of the shackles gives it a shiny pleasantly appealing look, with a great glint as light falls on it. The applicability of the shackles in multiple fantasy games gives it a versatility that goes a long way in making it a great accessory in the bondage games and other role play settings. The shackles are suited for both him and her, enabling switching roles if the game calls for it. With the easy cleanup of the shackles, they are guaranteed to make frequent guest appearances in your bedroom.

Specifications of the Rouge Stainless Steel Wrist Shackle Restraints

Washing : Wipe down
Colour : Silver
Flexibility : Rigid
For Who : Both
Brand : Rouge Garments