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S8 Water Based Aloe Vera Sex Lube 50ml

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From ages, Aloe Vera is considered to be the best remedy for every situation. The goodness of Aloe Vera comes useful every time in every situation, including the bed. Yes, what’s written is true, the goodness of Aloe Vera can be now found during sexual intercourse as well with the S8 Water-Based Aloe Vera Lube. Physics and biology, despite being a part of science does not seem to very a very supporting combo. When friction comes in between the intercourse, it does not leave a very pleasuring experience with the couples. And to solve that problem naturally and healthily the S8 Water-Based Aloe Vera Lube is here, to help the person slide a little more, to help the person feel the smoothness a little more and to help the person enjoy the goodness of healthy sex life a little more. 



The S8 Water-Based Aloe Vera Lube, as the name suggests is a water-based lube that comes with the quantity of 50ml, with the essence of Aloe Vera. The goodness of Aloe Vera makes it a healthy product to use. It does not harm the natural texture of the intimate area. 

S8 Water-Based Aloe Vera Lube has a smooth and a very silky texture. It is water-based and it makes it safe to use, it helps to moisturize the area and reduce friction to the minimum. Get the S8 Water-Based Aloe Vera Lube for a smoother balance in sex life. So get the water based aloe vera lube now!

Lube Type: Water Based
Condon Safe: Yes
Liquid Volume: 50ml
For Who: Both
Features: Paraben Free
Brand: Various Drug Stores