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Sexy 6 Couples Foreplay Dice Game

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Sex with one’s lover is a great experience to all who take part in it. Moreover, if the act is preceded by erotic moments of foreplay and seduction, the intercourse becomes greater. Besides, in this era, it is awkward to just bump into the act without any advances. The SEXY 6 erotic kinky games are here to assist in the game. this dice game enables partners to have all the fun before going for the main part, but they are no lesser important.With the six dies, all that you are promised is an exciting moment as partners as you try different fetish plays. The 6 couples die to have on them around 720 seductions activities you can try; allow your partner to take control or vice versa by giving these naughty challenges. Make the romantic night/day full of fun with these attempts and see the bond between you lovers grow and more fun.During the game, one partner becomes the sub and the other the dominant, the roles can keep changing by giving each other different challenges that are a must-do. Some may be extreme but yet very fun. Let the dice guide your BDSM game and see how it turns out to be; this is the master of erotic activities, allow it to lead you and regrets are not in the equation. This amazing game has what you’ve been waiting for, it a solution to the boring moments in the sex, spice the erotic life with these incredible moments. This product by Creative Conceptions is available at the UK’s best sex store, the Peaches and Screams.

For Who: Both
Features: 720 Seductive Scenarios
Brand: Creative Conceptions

Customer Reviews

Based on 1 review
Spontaneity, variety, enhances intimacy with playful surprises.

Alright, so I recently tried out the Sexy 6 Couples Foreplay Dice Game, and here's my honest take.

First off, let's talk about the concept. It's a simple idea – roll the dice, do what they say – but it definitely adds a fun, spontaneous element to foreplay. It's a great way to shake things up and keep the excitement alive.

I appreciated the variety of activities included in the game. From sensual massages to more adventurous tasks, there's something for everyone's comfort level. It definitely encouraged us to try new things and step out of our comfort zones a bit.

However, I did find that some of the activities felt a bit repetitive after a while. It would've been nice to see a bit more variety to keep things fresh and exciting. Also, the dice themselves are a bit small, which can make them tricky to roll – especially if you're getting into the heat of the moment.

Overall though, I'd say the Sexy 6 Couples Foreplay Dice Game is a fun addition to any couple's bedroom routine. It's easy to play, adds a bit of excitement to foreplay, and hey, who doesn't love a little bit of chance mixed in with their pleasure?