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Skins Assorted Lubricated Premium 12 Pack Ultra Thin Condoms

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If you have ever wondered how easily you can try multiple kinds of condoms, this Skins Assorted Lubricated Premium Condoms 12 Pack is a great place to start. With three of the most popular Skins available you can try different kinds so you and your lover may pick a favorite or two to use every time. Skins condoms is known for their slogan, Never go in without a skin. ”Skinsleaves the safe-sex message on every foil pack of condoms. Be sure to cover every time. Condoms can easily be kept in your wallet or in your purse. Keep a condom in your pocket or in your nightstand, so you are prepared for every possible occasion. With Assorted Lubricated Premium Condoms 12 Pack from Skins you will be able to try natural Skins Condoms, dots and ribs Skins condoms, and ultra thin Skins condoms. Skins condoms do not leave a latex smell as Skins uses the best quality latex available. Skins condoms are transparent giving you the more natural look and feel. Condoms are known to protect against unwanted pregnancies as well as sexually transmitted diseases. Be sure to protect every single time you have sex. Ordering condoms from Peaches and Screamsis easy to do. Peaches and Screams will deliver your condoms directly to your doorstep in a discreet package. This Skins Assorted Lubricated Premium Condoms 12 Pack is a great place to start to improve your sex life enhance your sexual journey as well as keep you and your partner well-protected. Dotted Skins condoms has increased pleasure for your partner. Ultra thin Skins condoms will give you that skin-to-skin contact you are both looking for. Natural Skins condoms give you a natural feel while you are having intercourse. This assorted variety pack of Skins condoms gives you the variety you and your lover looking for so that you can mix it up each time will try and something you. Shop for Skins Assorted Lubricated Premium Condoms 12 Pack now!

Specifications of Skins Assorted Lubricated Premium Condoms 12 Pack

Length : 190 mm
Diameter : 52 mm
For Who : Male
Brand : Skins Condoms
Size : 190 mm

Customer Reviews

Based on 1 review
Exciting variety for different preferences and discreet packaging for privacy

I recently tried out the Skins Assorted Lubricated Premium Condoms in a 12-pack, and I'm here to share my honest thoughts based on my personal experience.

Let's start with the variety in this pack, which I found intriguing. It includes different types of condoms, from standard fit to ultra-thin and dotted. This variety can definitely add some excitement to the bedroom and cater to different preferences.

The packaging is straightforward and discreet, which is a big plus for maintaining privacy. Nobody wants to announce their purchases, and these condoms arrive in a plain box.

In terms of fit and comfort, most of the condoms in this pack were comfortable and provided a secure fit. I appreciated the extra peace of mind during intimate encounters. The latex material felt durable, and I didn't experience any breakage or tearing during use.

The added lubrication was a nice touch, ensuring a smoother experience. However, as with most condoms, the lubrication may wear off after some time. It's a good idea to have extra lubricant on hand for longer sessions.

Now, let's talk about the downsides. This could be a matter of personal preference, but it's something to keep in mind.

Additionally, the dotted condoms, while providing extra stimulation for some, might not be enjoyable for everyone. Some users may find the texture uncomfortable or overly intense.

In conclusion, the Skins Assorted Lubricated Premium Condoms in a 12-pack offer a wide variety for safe intimacy. They provide reliable protection and come with added lubrication for a smoother experience. However, the snug fit of some condoms and the intensity of the dotted ones might not suit everyone's preferences. If you're looking to explore different options and add some variety to your intimate moments, this pack could be a good choice, but be prepared for some hits and misses.