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Flesh Pink Stressticles Ballbusting Stress Reliever Novelty Gift

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Stress is a condition that has adverse effects on the human psyche and the consequences range from health issues to irreversible psychological damage. Caused by the hormone cortisol, stress takes a toll on the person and may lead to some unsafe coping mechanisms that accelerate the downward spiral and make the matters worse. Common coping mechanisms include drug abuse, alcohol abuse and even sexual addiction. With the greater number of people slowly being swallowed up by the stress factor, more and more cases of depression are being reported. However, there are ways of dealing with stressful situations as they arise, making sure that you do not get overwhelmed in the long run. The Stressticles Ballbusting Stress Reliever Novelty Gift is a great way to keep your mind clear when worry starts to set in. It is a huge step away from the normal fidget spinner as it encompasses a twisted sense of humor, while also getting the job done. Designed to fit perfectly in your hand, the stretchy ball bag is filled with a liquid inside and it contorts itself accordingly with every squeeze, giving you that satisfactory feeling of having gripped something so tightly and feeling the pressure release as you let go. Matching the grip and release to your breathing makes your body slowly calm down, and before you know it you will no longer be reacting to the situation unfolding. This stress ball may not be pleasant to look at, but busting balls for stress relief is a great way to feel better every time.

Specifications of the Stressticles Ballbusting Stress Reliever Novelty Gift

For Who : Both
Brand : Various Toy Brands