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Guide To Sexy Police Woman Costumes

Guide To Sexy Police Woman Costumes

Guide To Sexy Police Woman Costumes

By Tatyana Dyachenko

Whether it is for Halloween, a costume party or just plain old role play, getting the right costume is the first step to establishing a successful session. There are so many options when it comes to costume selection, but there are some classics that keep popping up time and again. The police woman costume features among the top options.

Police officers are the custodians of the law, and when any of them is associated with something even slightly naughty it seems out of the norm. This is the reason behind the success of the police woman costume. The outfit is a symbol of law and order and anything sexy done while in the costume makes for a great scene and is even sexier than being naked. If you plan on getting your hands on a sexy police woman outfit, there are some basics that should serve as guidance;

Guide To Sexy Police Woman Costumes

Sexy Police Woman Costumes Sizes

The most important thing when it comes to choosing any costume is ensuring that it fits properly. For a tight costume, the fit should be snug but you should be able to move freely without fear that you are busting out of the seams. The same applies to the police woman costume. There is a fine line between looking sexy and looking trashy, and the police woman costume deserve nothing less than the peak of sexiness. Always check the waist, bust and hips measurements to ensure that you can comfortably fit into the lovely costume.


The police woman costume comes in so many different designs that you can never exhaust them all. The only feature that applies to all of them is the color. However, sexy police woman costumes are designed to be short and very revealing. This feature ensures that you have to get a pair of knickers that will match the sexiness of the costume. It makes no sense getting a sexy costume and having old ugly knickers tucked under. It will be very embarrassing for you and a turn off for your partner. Sexy costumes leave no room for laziness, and ensuring that the knickers are just as sexy is the least you can do.

When it comes to choosing a bra to match your sexy costume, the choice is dependent on the design of the costume. For a plunging neckline, the push up bra comes in handy. It lifts and raises the boobs, creating a cleavage that will have your twins enjoying the limelight. From strapless to backless costume, always ensure that you pair it up with the appropriate bra to ensure the straps are carefully tucked away.

The lingerie color is never really much of an issue as the glimpse of the underwear under the costume is pretty much the purpose of the really short costume.

Guide To Sexy Police Woman Costumes


When it comes to the sexy police costume, a pair of stockings is never really a must. However, for those that choose to mix it up, the fishnet stockings are the ones that are very popular. This is because they add a bit of stripper look into the costume, intensifying the sexiness due to the blatant contrast. A garter belt with bows helps to make the costume even sexier, especially if it is in the passionate red color. The stockings can either be thigh highs, hold ups or even crotchless if you want to take the steamy hotness to the very next level.

Sexy Police Woman Costumes Material

A costume as diverse as the sexy cop costume embraces so many different fabrics. From wet look fabrics to see through lace, there are so many combinations and variations in between with each option giving a whole unique sexy look. If you are planning on a quiet seductive night in the confines of your own home, sheer lace and tight latex may make the cut. However, for a night of partying, it is imperative that you choose the material that will be most comfortable for you especially if you plan to indulge in some wild dance moves.

Accessories For Your Sexy Police Woman Costume

From night clubs to fake guns and handcuffs, the cop costume comes with a few options to choose from to establish authenticity. Always ensure that you get an accessory to back up your sexy costume.

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