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A Guide To Anal Stretchers

A Guide To Anal Stretchers

A Guide To Anal Stretchers

Anal stimulation has a lot of benefits. However, the butt hole lacks natural lubrication, and the presence of sphincter muscles makes things complicated. To ease the sphincter muscles, anal stretching and training can be considered. Anal stretching is designed to ensure the butt hole increases in size within a given period. It is a perfect way of achieving great things concerning anal play. However, some steps and rules must be followed for comfort and safety.

Safety Measures When Using Anal Stretchers

  • Ensure your bowel is empty before anal stretching. This will do away with embarrassment, leaving the anal stretcher relatively clean. It also eliminates any chance of disruption when anal stretching and training occur.
  • Ensure that douching is done two to three hours before the stretching session.
  • Beginners should make sure the plug is smooth and small enough to avoid injuries. Make use of lube to ease the process.
  • Your butt plug should have its base flared to reduce the risk of the sex toy accidentally slipping into the rectum. It may result in unbearable pain that will need medical attention immediately.
  • Limit the process to about 20 minutes. As you get experienced in the field, you can gradually increase the time.
  • If there is any feeling of discomfort, bleeding, or pain, stop the process immediately and seek medical attention.
  • Ensure you sanitize your butt plug before and after finishing the session.

Choosing Butt Plugs

The anal stretching process requires a lot of butt plugs. The anal stretching sex toys should be in graduating sizes to ensure you will progress smoothly from one level to the next. Butt plugs have different shapes, sizes, materials, and colors, each having its pros and cons.

As you begin anal stretching and training, ensure you use an anal plug with less than 4 inches in circumference. The commonly used material for anal stretchers' sex toys is silicone and metal. Beginners are advised to go for silicone butt plugs because they are flexible, giving a person room for wiggling. Furthermore, it ensures you will not get hurt when shifting abruptly. Stainless steel butt plugs are reserved for experts in anal stretching and training because they can cope with the rigidness and restrictions of movements of the material.

Buying one butt plug for every stage of anal stretching might be a bit economical. Moreover, there is also a probability that the size you may be looking for is not available. For that reason, make sure you purchase an anal plug kit that contains several plugs of different sizes. This will ensure you have a plug ready for the next level.

Lubricating Anal Stretchers

When choosing lubricants, do not assume that they are all safe and the same. Lubes range from purpose to chemical composition. The best lubes for anal stretching process include;

Water-Based Lube Oils

The type of lube does not stick on the butt plug; hence easy to clean it. Water-based lubes are compatible with various anal stretchers sex toys materials such as latex. However, this lube dries out easily, increasing its consumption rate, which might be costly. The lube is available in various forms, which makes sure you get a lube oil matching your body's skin and sensitivity. This helps in avoiding any allergic reactions from your body.

Silicone-Based Lube Oils

Silicone-based lube is long-lasting and waterproof. However, due to its composition, it harms silicone butt plugs. If your toys are made of silicone, ensure that you do away with this type of lube as it may degrade your toy.

Important Information Related to Anal Stretching

You can clean up your butt hole alone or with your partner. Some people who are experienced plan ahead of time. They do this by limiting what they take in during the day. Fatty foods, red meat, and sugary meals are skipped. Instead, they feed on other foods rich in fiber, such as fruits and carbs. However, not all those who wish to try anal stretching are organized. If so, such people should consider buying anal douche for cleaning purposes.

The perfect thing about human bodies is that it does not matter if you are a beginner or an expert to need cleaning. Before performing anal stretching, it is vital to use an anal douche to flush remnant fecal matter in the rectum. Once that is taken care of, you need to think of tidying up after the process. Ensure you clean your butt plugs thoroughly after every use. Soap with warm water may be used to clean yourself. However, an antibacterial toy cleaner is the best choice. Many people will take a shower and clean their butt after anal stretching. For proper hygiene, butt plugs should not be shared. This is because no matter how clean a person is, bacteria in the colon are invisible to the naked eye.

The Bottom Line

In most cases, anal stretching and training result in a permanent after-effect. However, if you don't stretch the butt hole regularly, it will reverse to its original size. Anal stretching is designed to make sure that ambitious experts realize their dreams. Some may need to accommodate their partners' massive dick or dildo. However, some people opt for high-level stretching, known as anal fisting. Whatever you decide, make sure you take everything step by step and slowly. Make sure the stretching sessions are not frequent to give your ass hole ample time to rest.

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