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Why Anal Sex Is Pleasurable For Some People - But Not Everyone

Why Anal Sex Is Pleasurable For Some People - But Not Everyone

Why Anal Sex Is Pleasurable For Some People — But Not Everyone

By Elena Ognivtseva

In a way, anal sex is like rum. It is the dose of happiness for some people and others can’t stand it. To them, anal sex is a boundary that should never be closed again. But why do some people find anal sex pleasurable while others don’t?

Anal sex can be painful and uncomfortable for the first time if you do it wrong or play with a wrong partner. It can also be hard to get started mentally,  but once you get used to it, you get a liking for it that you cannot compare. Our experts here at Peaches and Screams say that the difference between your liking and hating of anal sex is all in the preparation and mind-set. The anus is not biologically designed for sex, thus not self-lubricating.  It also consists of a delicate tissue lining that is prone to easy tearing. This explains the excruciating pain that is associated with anal sex if you go in unprepared. But also sex is extremely pleasurable because of two facts. One, for people with a penis, there exists a prostate gland ( P-spot), near your rectum that is super erogenous once massaged. Most men who engage in anal sex or stimulation report that orgasms coming from the P-spot are much fuller and expansive. Two, for people with a vagina, the anus is very close to the vaginal wall and pelvic floor making stimulation from the back simple nerve rockingly good. Moreover, the anus opening is just next to the vaginal opening making this area super erogenous. So, if you do it right, you can never get enough of anal sex.

Is Anal Sex Painful?

Yes, anal sex can be painful if you have not prepared your anal canal to accommodate fullness. Inserting a penis or dildo all at once can be uncomfortable and painful. Furthermore, the anus is lined by an elastic tissue lining that allows it to constrict and expand to allow a natural movement of the bowel. But while it contains mucus, it is not lubricated enough for the sexual friction of a penis or dildo. This leads to the tearing of the anal inner lining which can be excruciatingly painful.

So How Do You Enjoy Pleasurable Anal Sex?

The pleasure of anal sex is all in your mental state and preparation. You need to fast relax to let the idea of anal sex excite and arouse you. If it was suggested by a partner, think if this is truly something you want to engage in. relaxing and having an open mind allows your body muscles to relax and release tension that would otherwise make penetration difficult and painful.

Once you are ready mentally, you need to physically prepare your body to accommodate and enjoy fullness. The anus can learn to accommodate extra fullness including a fist, large dildos and butt plugs with their right practice. And for some people, it’s not the pain but the concern of fecal matter that makes anal sex so disgusting.  But taking a shower and douching before sex makes sure that your anal canal is clean and relaxed, waiting for your partner or dildo to simply take you to nirvana with some deep P-spot massages.  

Here are a Few Beginner Tips to Anal Sex

  1. Train your Anus Alone

The best way to learn and enjoy your first steps into anal sex is masturbating alone. This is because you can try a few things and stop at any time without feeling under pressure to perform. Start by fingering your backdoor gently just as you would a vagina. Make sure to use a lubricant to ease the entry. This allows you to experience the pleasure of stimulating the anal opening (an extremely erogenous spot) and loosen the Sphincter muscle to accommodate extra fullness.

  1. Invest in Anal Trainers

Why Anal Sex Is Pleasurable For Some People - But Not Everyone

As previously said, the anus is not biologically designed for sex. so you need to train it to accept and enjoy sex. You can do this by using anal sex trainers such as butt plugs and anal balls. Besides being extremely pleasurable, these sex toys gradually stretch your anal canal enabling it to take in bigger sex toys such as penises or dildos painlessly. Get high-quality anal sex trainers kits and ensure that they have tapered tips to make your journey both pleasurable and easy.  Always start with the smallest sex toy in the set and gradually move up the set your own pace.  Make sure to use plenty of lubricants and enjoy every moment of it. As the anus gets used to the sexual sensation, you can increase the toy size and eventually you will be stretched big enough to comfortably accommodate a penis or a dildo.

 If you have a trusted friend or partner, this is a perfect step to bond and get comfortable with each other when discussing and engaging in anal sex. 

  1. Use Plenty of Anal Lubricant

Why Anal Sex Is Pleasurable For Some People - But Not Everyone

When it comes to anal sex, lube is your new best friend. The anus is not self-lubricating and does tear easily. So it is advisable that you use plenty of anal-sex lubricants during anal sex to reduce friction. Lubricants allow you to have a smooth penetration and a painless gliding leaving you relaxed to enjoy the sensation.

  1. Spice your Play

Why Anal Sex Is Pleasurable For Some People - But Not Everyone

Once you can comfortably take in a penis or dildo, you are free now to truly navigate the sensual world of anal sex. Be open to different-sex shapes, materials, and sizes of sex toys to truly experience why this type of sex is so sensational. The elastic lining of the anal wall keeps you tight enough such that you have a heightened feel of the toy texture or penis raw skin with every glide. Every thrust leaves your every nerve-shattering with pleasure. For G-spot stimulation, you want to try sex positions that concentrate on the back wall of your vagina. Be creative and insert a vibrator or a thrusting dildo into your vagina to make things even more electrifying. For P-spot stimulation, toys with a slightly curved tip are more recommended as they give you a targeted prostate massage. You might also want to add in some cock rings and ball stretches to prolong the duration of your pleasure.  Maybe even leave in a thrusting dildo as you plug your penis for a crazing double stimulation. Or let your partner get down on you with a blow-job as you trust your backdoor, whatever makes you get you with the most shatter, don’t be shy to embrace it. But just be sure not to double-dip toys from the anus to the vagina as the anus contain loads of bacteria that can cause vaginal infections.

  1. Communicate with Your Partner

While everything feels awesome when you are well prepared, we all have our limits. So you need to be open and communicate with your partner. Let them know if everything is going fine, if you need additional stimulation or if it’s time to stop. This ensures that you both have a fun moment and sustain a healthy relationship.

Now, you are equipped to enjoy a fulfilling anal sex session alone or with your partner. Here at Peaches and Screams, we hope you find the endeavor not only enjoyable but a life change. An open channel to finally open up a fulfill sex life for you and your partner.

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