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4 Reasons You Should Try Enemas And Douches

4 Reasons You Should Try Enemas And Douches

4 Reasons You Should Try Enemas And Douches

The most frightening thing about trying and experiencing anal play is encountering poop when things get hotter and more intense. This could be the reason why most people have not tried anal sex yet. However, with hygiene necessities like using an enema set and rubber douches in your bedroom, you can now engage in limitless butt play.

Anal sex has become a dream for many couples, though not everyone will express their desire to experience some anal stimulations and orgasms. However, according to the latest survey, a high number of couples have now embraced the art and are ready to incorporate it into their sex life. Before engaging in actual anal sex, they are concerned about the safety of the butt play and how to deal with the mess. This is where douches and enemas come in. Therefore, as a newbie getting yourself into the backdoor pleasure, you might ask what enemas and douches are and why you need them? Here is everything you need to know.

What are Enemas and Douches?

Before moving to what enemas and douches are and why you should try them, it is good to set the facts right about anal play. This is a comprehensive term that goes beyond penetrative anal sex as it involves playing around the butthole using your fingers, penis, or anal toys before escalating to penetration. Therefore, most sex experts suggest that, unless you are using longer sex toys or engaged in deep pleasure like fisting, you are unlikely to go beyond the canal, meaning the chances of reaching fecal matter are minimal.

Though reaching the fecal remnants during anal play is not a concern to many, maintaining high hygienic standards matters a lot regarding your comfortability and pleasure. This is a major reason why you need an enema and douche. Enemas and douches are devices used to clean the rectum by sending a stream of water or enema solution up the anal tract, which comes out with all debris. They come in different designs and functionalities. However, as a beginner, you have to choose what suits your anal experiences to avoid damaging the delicate sphincter muscles.

Why Do You Need Enemas and Douches?

Douching process is essential before engaging in steamy anal sex but can also be done for medical reasons. For example, you can douche before going for genital examination or just to feel fresh and comfortable. While vaginal and anal cleanliness could be the primary function of enemas and douches, here are the other reasons you should have them in your drawer:

They are Effective for Sex Preparation

Enemas and douches are not only designed for anal cleaning. Women can also use them to clean and have fresh vaginas before indulging in hot sex. Therefore, when enjoying seamless and clean erotic sessions, nothing can beat the power of enemas and douches. These devices give the best and deep cleanliness that will leave you ready for unstoppable fun. Though the cleaning process can be complicated and long depending on the type of douche you choose, the results are always satisfying for both partners. Moreover, anal douching eliminates all the embarrassments caused by fecal debris.

Douching Can Turn into an Intense Bondage Play

For those who love both mild and hardcore BDSM plays, enema sets and rubber douches can also be the best play toys. Once you understand and feel comfortable hanging around your partner naked and naughtily, you don’t have to hide in the shower anymore to douche. You can easily incorporate douching in your bondage scenarios and let your partner control the process. This can be the best opportunity for your partner to exert their dominant powers on you.

Remember, to deep cleanse and have the most out of your enema or douche, you need to take the right position that will allow deep and comfortable penetration. Such positions will leave you vulnerable and expose most of your intimate parts that the dominant partner can take advantage of. Your partner will then assume you are not clean enough and give you the deepest cleansing that you had never imagined. This leads to some intense anal stimulation that can cause body-shaking orgasms. However, you should always have a safe word that will automatically end the session if you start experiencing discomfort.

Douching Strengthen Bonds Between Partners

The fact that anal sex should be comfortable and enjoyable means that both partners should agree on it before going down. This applies to partners who want to douche together too. Before indulging in any backdoor play, you have to talk to your partner and value their opinions. This is the first step to building trust between partners. So, how does douching strengthen the bond between lovers?

During the douching process, you can take turns cleaning each other, which helps to switch trust from one another. Before allowing your partner to insert anything in your butt, you have to trust them with your delicate erogenous zones first. This trust grows as you also take turns cleaning them and testing their boundaries. With time, the love becomes stronger, and you can freely engage in any erotic play knowing you are safe in each other's hands.

Enemas and Douches Simplify Butt and Pussy Switching

If you are about to dive into a threesome, orgy, or simply enjoy vaginal sex mixed with bits of anal sex with your partner, then having enemas or douches in your bedroom is a must. Most people believe that an anus is a dirty place, and taking the penis out of this place and directly inserting it in the vagina can cause vaginal infections. Therefore, to avoid such complications, sex experts advise using condoms whether you are having a good time with your life partner or not.

However, those who are allergic to condoms should ensure they douche before indulging in both anal and vaginal sex. Douching leaves you clean, comfortable, and ready for any penetration. Of course, when everyone is clean and fresh for sex, there is nothing that can stop them from switching from vaginal to anal sex without breaking to wear a condom. All you need is plenty of sex lubricant, and you are ready for fun.

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