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Beginner’s Guide To Speculums

Beginner's Guide To Speculums

Beginner's Guide To Speculums

By Elena Ognivtseva

Medical fetish is a BDSM game that is designed to make a trip to the doctor’s feel as pleasurable as it can possibly be. Taking a few tips from the doctor and implementing them in the bedroom is a fun way to achieve the orgasms of a lifetime. The speculum is one tool that has some intensively pleasurable effects in the bedroom. To start you off, you have to be aware of the different speculums available in the market.

Vaginal Speculums

Dedicated to deep exploration of the vaginal cavity, these speculums range in size so always ensure that you choose the right one for your partner. The following are some speculum types for your play;

Beginner’s Guide To Speculums


This speculum is dedicated to vaginal examination. With its round ended blades, it is easily inserted. The speculum has one blade that is inserted and used to widen the vaginal walls. However, the one blade design makes for poor visibility into the vagina.

Labia Spreader

Made from less rigid materials than other speculums, this device allows for deep vaginal exploration. However, it is not exactly a medical tool but it gets the job done. One of its greatest flaws is that its performance is a bit poor compared to other speculums.

Disposable Speculum

These are usually the best if you have multiple partners as each session gets a brand new speculum, reducing the risk of transferring infections.

Beginner’s Guide To Speculums

Anal Speculums

Anal exploration is something that most people aim at to reach the much desired prostate gland for intense stimulation. However, most dedicated anal speculums require a bit more experience before indulging.

Beginner’s Guide To Speculums


This speculum has three blades to ensure that the ass achieves wider circumference opening for some extensively deep exploration especially using large toys or even fisting. However, it may be particularly uncomfortable for those new to the toy. This toy is definitely not suitable for beginners.


Available in both disposable and non-disposable varieties, this speculum is designed to ensure ease of entry. Once in place, the inner aspect is removed. It does not have a wide circumference compared to other toys but it will prove sufficient for those starting out.


Technically designed like the proctoscope, it comes in both disposable and non-disposable varieties. However, the anoscope has a deeper reach, and is a bit out of the league of the beginners and newbies of speculum play.

Multifunctional Speculums

For those who like a bit of multi functionality in their toys or those who do not want to commit to one side yet, here are a few choice speculums for you. However, it is advised that you get a toy dedicated to each side as mixing them up might lead to infections. However, make sure that you thoroughly sterilize the speculums before use.


This speculum has wide blades, with the lower one designed to be a bit longer for better positioning. The adjustable mechanism of the toy makes it unsuitable for solo play and the wide blades may be uncomfortable for those with narrow openings. However, this speculum is designed to provide comfort and strength through its wide blades.


With narrower blades compared to the Graves speculum, this speculum is designed to provide comfort to those with narrower openings. The rounded blades make for easy insertion.


Unlike Graves and Pederson speculums, this one opens to the right and left instead of up and down, giving a change of viewing perspective. The speculum has wheels designed to adjust the blades to the desired opening. However, this speculum is not designed for solo play as the adjusting mechanism requires the use of both hands.

There are so many speculums designed for this play, ensure that you do thorough research to find the one that best fits your needs.


  • Always ensure that your speculums are thoroughly sanitized before starting the session. Place the speculums on a sanitized surface to ensure they stay safe.
  • Start slow, gradually open up the anal or vaginal cavity until the desired width. Stop immediately if there is pain or discomfort. Never force the speculum in.
  • Use a lot of lubricant, whether silicone based or water based. Ensure you check the lubricant guide to check which one is more suitable for your needs.
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