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5 Reasons You Should Try Male Chastity

5 Reasons You Should Try Male Chastity

5 Reasons You Should Try Male Chastity

By Ksenia Sobchak

Chastity play is a game made for those who have the courage to push their limits to the maximum. Chastity devices ensure that your dick gets no play time for as long as the key holder says so. It may be hours or days, but either way you have no control over your own genitalia anymore. While it may seem like a high price to pay for an orgasm, the benefits are what give the practitioners the zeal to participate in it over and over again. If you are thinking of indulging, here are some things that you are signing up for;

Intense Foreplay

With your cock caged up, there are a lot of things you will be motivated to accomplish so that you get a chance to finally get your cage unlocked. Your partner’s body becomes a blank canvas and you actually take the time to touch their favorite spots so that they cannot hold their arousal anymore and they give you the loving you deserve. As much as this may be driven by selfish reasons, there is an upside.
To get your cage unlocked you would have to pay attention to your partner’s body like never before. This makes you creative and willing to indulge in some new techniques, making the foreplay session more intense than it has ever been. Your foreplay skills get better and better with every session, making you an even better lover than you were before.

Enhanced Imagination

There’s nothing like a little scarcity to get your brain replaying scenes from when it was abundant. Caging your cock will jolt your brain and senses into replaying multiple scenarios and sex positions until your body starts experiencing the sensations. With no chance of being let out, the thoughts will get crazier and crazier as you plan your actions and with every moment that passes your imagination will get even more creative.

The Anticipation

Not knowing when your release is coming is a great way to play around with your senses. With no clue if the current session is the last one or just one among many more to come before your cage is unlocked increases your anticipation. This increasing anticipation makes your body remain on a constant high, exaggerating every sensation that grips your body. If your partner takes the chance to put you in restraints during your session, the sensory play you will be subjected to will have you screaming out in pleasure while begging for some of release.

Taking the time to make use of the anticipation to fuel the desire even more makes chastity play the best psychological play in BDSM.

Relinquish Your Power

In chastity play the power rests in the hands of the key holder. Anything they say goes, as defiance will add more time to your already harsh sentence. Giving up your power is a great way to enjoy the ride without having to worry about how to please your partner or yourself all the time. With chastity play, all you have to is to follow the leader to your final orgasmic finish, even if you have no clue when that will be. Make a point of taking the passenger seat and enjoy every single torturous moment that will come your way and you might discover some great things about your partner and yourself in the process.

Increased Bond

Sacrificing your ability to get your full stimulation is something that is bound to resonate with your partner for a long time. Keeping your cock in a cage and giving your time to keep them happy by allowing them to boss you around is a great way to achieve a deeper trust in your relationship. The usual thinking is usually centered along the lines that sexual frustration at home will lead to infidelity. However, the chastity cage assures your partner of your commitment to the game and this trust is bound to reveal itself on other aspects of your relationship.

Chastity play runs the risk of causing bacterial infection due to the backed up semen, so always ensure that you milk your partner’s prostate ever so often to keep the game safe and keep your partner healthy.

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