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5 Reasons You Should Try Spanking

5 Reasons You Should Try Spanking

5 Reasons You Should Try Spanking

By Ekaterina Mironova

Spanking is always associated with doggy style, as the position places the buttocks in full view, the curve being so irresistible that you cannot help but cup your hand and land the slap. However, fully enjoying spanking requires that you approach it as a fulfilling sexual act on its own. The popularity of spanking has seen the creation of paddles to increase the pain as well as the pleasure during play. If you are contemplating indulging in spanking or cannot see what the fuss is all about, here are some of the benefits that come with a successful spanking session;

Euphoric ‘High’

Once your body feels the first sting as your ass gets spanked, your brain immediately releases endorphins to counter the pain signals sent to your brain. This wave of feel good hormones flood your system, enhancing your pleasure as your brain now registers less and less pain. The endorphins react with the opiate receptors and your body experiences the same altered state you would if you were on morphine. These pleasure waves are known to sometimes cause an altered state of consciousness, completely freeing your mind.

Bright Cheeks

As the slap lands, the blood leaves the area, leaving a pale mark that immediately gets filled up as blood rushes back into the area. This gives the ass cheek a beautiful glow as the area turns a shade brighter that the rest of the area. This sight is an awesome turn on as you crave to do that again as the sight of the area turning brighter becomes a visual aphrodisiac. If you get high or are turned on by power, the sight of the reddening cheeks is a great ego booster as you get to appreciate your handy work up close, giving you that feeling of invincibility that is bound to make its power known when you finally indulge your partner in the orgasmic penetrative sex that is bound to follow.

Enhanced Sensitivity

With the rush of blood back to the spanked area, the cheeks become more and more sensitive, making even the lightest of touches feel so great that you cannot help but get even more turned on. Alternating a spank with kisses and soft touches is bound to drive your partner wild as the waves of pleasure are magnified in their mind and the body can barely makes sense of the intense sensations that are engulfing it. Maximize on this by making sure that the slaps and touches are random and infrequent to drive your partner wild with anticipation.

Pleasure in Pain

Spanking the ass causes nerve stimulation, and this enhances their reception to the pain. However, the spanking also specifically activates the pudendal nerve which is the major nerve that supplies the genital organs. Once activated, the nerve sends signals to the genitalia and they become aroused and sensitive. The pleasure signals from the genitals confuse the brain and it translates the spanking as a pleasurable event and your body in turn never fully registers the pain. As long as the pain signals do not exceed your partner’s pain threshold, the consequent twinges are translated as pleasurable stimuli and the body becomes more and more aroused, enhancing the sexual experience even without penetration.


Spanking is not limited to the use of hands, and the toys are capable of handing out greater pain compared to the hand. Before play time begins, a safe word is chosen to ensure that the submissive gets to stop the game once the pain becomes too much to bear. Knowing that the dominant would never cause any harm during the play increases the level of trust between the dominant and submissive. Having this complete trust in your partner over a long period of time goes on to cement your relationship as the emotional bond becomes stronger and stronger as they prove themselves session after session. This enhanced emotional bond also manifests itself as the quality of your games keep improving the more your connection solidifies.

Spanking is more than just the unleashing of pain; it is a combination of physical and psychological balance to create the perfect brew of pleasurable pain that ensures your partner keeps on begging for more.

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