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6 Reasons You Should Try Humblers

6 Reasons You Should Try Humblers

6 Reasons You Should Try Humblers

By Elena Ognivtseva

There is something inherently sexy about the idea of complete submission, having your partner spread wide in the most vulnerable position with no chance of getting out of it unless you let them. Humblers make good on the promise of humiliation when it comes to BDSM as it keeps even the strongest on their knees with no way of manoeuvring their way out of it. The humbler is aptly named as it takes a hold of the most sensitive part of your being and uses it to keep you in place, in turn keeping you stationary in the humblest of positions; on your knees. You may wonder why this is practised; here’s why;

Sexy Vulnerability

As you find yourself on your hands and knees unable to move, your mind may be thinking of ways to start panicking and throwing a fit. However, you look up at your partner and see the look of pure lust on their face as they stare at your low hanging fruit and your body starts reacting to the look. Being in a vulnerable position gets your partner’s blood boiling to a frenzy as they try to make up their mind whether to give you a stroke of pleasure or a jolt of pain. As you watch their eyes, you can’t help but crave their attention and a bit of the promise of sin that the glint in their eyes convey.

Intoxicating Pain Relief

The body is equipped with its own natural way of coping with pain, and this may lead to a euphoric high that mimics the effects of morphine. The humbler presses against the sensitive bundle of nerves located at the base of the penis, giving you that uncomfortable and dull ache. The brain releases endorphins to help your body alleviate the pain, but as they counteract the pain, your body experiences a rush similar to the effects of morphine and you cannot help but feel that wonderful feeling of pleasure and the consequent ‘high’.

Sensational Sensitivity

The humbler applies a bit of pressure on the area above the balls, in turn making the area very sensitive. This intense sensitivity can be manipulated to bring so much pleasure to the submissive or to dish out the intended punishment. The sensitivity gives so much power to the dominant and sensory play becomes so much powerful. Any stimulus is greatly magnified, and even a little tickling sensation is guaranteed to have an immense effect on the submissive, making their whole body engulfed with pleasure waves that keep coming for as long as the tickling goes on. The same for pain stimuli, the submissive feels the tinge so powerfully, in turn making the endorphin effect so much more pronounced.

Extended Orgasmic Bliss

During ejaculation, the balls are drawn up, greatly reducing the distance your load gets to travel before leaving your body in all its majestic glory. With the humbler however, the scrotum remains in place, any movement hindered. This makes the load travel through a longer distance, having your orgasm last for a considerably longer time, keeping you blissful until your load finally makes its way into the outside world.

Repetitive Spot Stimulation

The humbler holds you in a stationary position and you cannot move as any slight movement is an invitation of pain. In this way, your partner gets to hit the exact same spot with every stroke, ensuring that you get the most out of the session, leading to an orgasmic and blissful ending. With this positioning, your partner never misses the mark and every single time your pleasure waves rise higher and higher to a crescendo that has you crying out as your load makes its way to the surface.

Emotional Connection

Vulnerability is only fully attained if you have the utmost trust in your partner. Humblers can never be used by two people who are strangers as it involves giving up all power to your dominant and this is easily abused. A successful session is only attained if both parties are absolutely comfortable with each other, and prior experience is enough reason to try it with your partner. The more you try this together, the greater the mutual understanding which in turn translates to a tight emotional bond only shared by two people who have experienced moments of complete vulnerability together.
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