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Which are the Best Kegel Balls?

Which are the Best Kegel Balls?

Which are the Best Kegel Balls?

By Tatyana Dyachenko

Kegel exercises are always recommended for women to increase the pelvic floor muscle strength. As a young person, exercising the pelvic floor muscles may seem like a waste of time but strong pelvic floor muscles have a myriad of benefits later on in life. Some of the benefits include; increased bladder control, reduced risk of prolapsed uterus, increased vaginal tightness during intercourse and decreased urinary urgency.

While you can train the pelvic floor muscles without any added weights, the weights make the effects noticeable within a shorter period of time. Kegel balls are created to help you strengthen the muscles and for beginners the balls may seem like such an odd way to strengthen the muscles. However, the process is even enjoyable, and sometimes even orgasmic. Here are some points worth noting when it comes to choosing the best kegel balls for you;

Single Balls or Double Balls

Kegel balls come in two options, the single ball or the double ball option. The single ball is easier to insert, making it very ideal for first timers. Even though the double ball can be used by beginners, the sensations sometimes are too foreign and therefore harder to get used to. If you can handle the double ball option, go for it by any means possible. However, if you are planning to start out slow, the single ball option is definitely the right choice for you.

Kegel Balls Size

Kegel balls do not have much variation in sizes, but there are some basics that allow you to choose the ones that are the right fit for you. When you are starting out, larger balls are recommended as they are easier to use. Once you feel that the regular ones are getting easier to use, get a smaller size. It is always a common rule that the larger balls should be used by women who have children while the smaller sizes are for those who haven’t had kids yet. Always ensure that the weight is just right for you.

Capability to Upgrade Kegel Balls

Instead of buying a new set of kegel balls every time you need to increase the weight of your balls, there is an option of getting an interchangeable set. This type of setup features an outer shell that holds the balls. Once you feel the need to increase the weight, just remove the current ball and pop in the next one. This allows you to have an all-in-one kit that allows you to progress continuously. However, there is always a high chance that fluids will get into the shell, so with this set always ensure that you have a regular cleaning procedure to avoid any bacterial from festering within the shell. This will ensure that you do not end up contracting unwanted infections.

Kegel Balls Weight Choice

As you are starting out, the lighter weights are the best choice. However, progression requires that you increase the weight as the previous ones become too easy. Choosing the right weight is a very important part of getting the best kegel balls for you. While some may start out with slightly heavier kegel balls, it is never a competition so always ensure that you choose something that is perfect for you.

Kegel Balls Material

The material composition of kegel balls vary. There are glass kegel balls. They are effective but easily slip out, so always ensure that you have something to hold it as it falls or use it in a position that will discourage it from slipping out. Silicone and rubber kegels balls are the other common options. These kegel balls are easier to use and great for beginners. However, always ensure that you choose a material that is body safe. The material composition of the string is also important. This ensures that you can pull out the kegel balls anytime without the string snapping off.

Kegel Balls Color

Visual appeal counts for a lot when it comes to choosing the kegel balls of your choice. Always ensure that you pick a color that will have you reaching for the kegel balls more often than not. The beauty of the balls to you enables you to like the toys even more and this makes them the best choice for you.

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