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Asa Akira Lotus – Fleshlight Girls Product Review

Asa Akira Lotus – Fleshlight Girls Product Review

Asa Akira Lotus – Fleshlight Girls Product Review

By Ksenia Sobchak

Fleshlight Girls are proud to announce that they offer Japanese/American Adult Porn Superstar – Asa Akira! Asa Akira is currently the only Fleshlight Girl of asian descent. This Asian porn super star is a sexy 5 feet of pure sex! Her tight asian body was designed exclusively to take a guys load all over! Fleshlight Lotus sex toy is an exact replica of Asa’s very own personal anatomy, you can now have Asa any time and any way you desire.

Once in a while a hot piece of ass like this comes along and makes everyone stand at attention, in more ways than one, as they take in the beauty of a perfectly tight porn-star body. That is why Fleshlight decided to make an Asa Akira Fleshlight. Asa is sexy and was signed on as a Fleshlight Girl for guys with a fetish and love for an Asian or Japanese beauty.

Right before Asa was due to have her vagina moulded for Fleshlgiht, she posted this tweet on twitter – Asa Akira Exciting news: I’m gonna get molded for a @Fleshlight!!! I wanna get fucked by every boy in the world!

Asa Akira Lotus Fleshlight Girl Male Masturbator

When Fleshlight male sex toys was designing the Lotus (vagina) texture, they had one goal in mind: to create the absolute most realistic vaginal intercourse feeling possible. The Fleshlight Lotus begins with the smooth ultra tight vaginal entry, then blossoms into a slightly wider, more comfortable canal, exactly like its human counterpart. An inverted node awaits a few inches inside, further adding to the complex fantasy as it simulates the subtle sensation of brushing the cervix. As a finale, four tightly spaced chambers await you at the end of the insert, built to provide the most sensitive part of your member with continued intense sensations. If you want to know what it’s like to have sex with your fantasy girl – Asa Akira! Nothing will bring you closer than the Fleshlight Lotus by Asa Akira!

What Comes With Asa Akira Lotus Fleshlight?

When you look to purchase your very own Asa Akira Fleshlight male sex toy, you might be wondering what you exactly get when you open her up for the very first time?

Orifice: Asa Akira Vagina
Case: Pearlescent Case Included
Sleeve Colour: Pink
Canal Texture: Lotus
Sleeve length: approx. 9.0″
Orifice depth: approx. 1.25″
Inner texture length: approx. 7.75″
Case length: 10″

Usage Instructions

When you decide its time to take Asa Akira to bed, there is a couple of simple usage instructions you need to be aware of before you go to town! Start by warming your Fleshlight insert by soaking it in a sink/tub filled with warm water. Do not boil or microwave the insert as this can cause severe damage to your prized investment! Shake off the water and replace the insert in the Fleshlight case. Adjust the tightness of the cap at the bottom to vary the suction/tightness of Asa’s pussy and finish off by applying a sufficient amount of lubricant (water-based only) to the Fleshlight sex toy and yourself. We have prepared a detailed guide on “How To Use A Fleshlgiht Sex Toy“.

Cleaning Instructions:

Cleaning and caring for your Fleshlight masturbator is extremely important as it will help add to the lifespan of your sex toy. Like any product, if you do not care for it, it will not last, simple! Start by rinsing your Fleshlight insert with warm water and allow time for both to dry before storing. It is important you do not use soap to clean your fleshlight insert. For tough cleaning, the makers suggest using a little isopropyl alcohol. To maintain its soft feel, Fleshlight have come up with its very own cleaning substance in the Fleshlight Renewing Powder and Anti-bacterial Spray. The makers do not recommend the use of talcum or baby powder. Shake out as much water as possible and place the insert in a well ventilated area, like near a window or next to a fan. For quick drying, slide a thin lint-free cloth/towel through it from one end to the other. When you return it to the case, leave the end caps loose so that air can continue to circulate. For detailed guide on how to clean your Fleshlight Male Sex Toy, Simply read more here.

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