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Teagan Presley Forbidden – Fleshlight Girls Product Review

Teagan Presley Forbidden – Fleshlight Girls Product Review

Teagan Presley Forbidden – Fleshlight Girls Product Review

By Elena Ognivtseva

You may have heard about Teagan Presley or maybe even seen her in one of your favourite adult films and started thinking to your self just how much you would love to take Teagan into your bedroom and do her in the ass? Teagan Presley forbidden fleshlight is the closest possible sex toy to replicate having a real anal experience with Teagan Presley herself! Allow your anal fantasy to come true with one of the biggest adult porn stars in the world! Moulded directly from Teagan’s own tight little arse and created with a soft, Superskin material that is patented to Fleshlight, Teagan’s Forbidden simulates the unique and naughty pleasures of anal sex with one of the Top Porn stars of all time.

Porn Star Teagan Presley has lent her tight ass to Fleshlight to create the most realistic male mastubrator available on the market today. Teagan has stared in over 70 porn films and countless anal sex porn scenes, this sexy minx can now be enjoyed at home with this Forbidden Fleshlight male sex toy.

Who Is Teagan Presley

Teagan Presley is winner of the XBIZ 2010 Female Porn Star of the Year, Her promises to you is to please and pleasure your shaft with every thrust you give her. The perfectly puckered cast of Teagan’s sexy ass welcomes you into her Fleshlight male masturbator.

Concealed beyond Teagan’s tight, supple ass is the Forbidden texture sleeve. The Forbidden Fleshlight begins opening with intense, tight ridging and opening up into wave after wave of sucking and caressing pleasure. The realistic feel of the Forbidden sleeve will deliver a fulfilling anal sex experience every time you use her.

Made from supple Super Skin, the look and feel of this Fleshlight closely matches real flesh and skin, allowing you to lose yourself completely in your fantasies with every male’s dream of fucking a real world wide famous porn star!

To enhance the sensation of the Fleshlight Girls during use, remove the sleeve from the case and immerse in warm water before use, offering a body-like warmth to the sleeve. Lather with lashings of your favourite water-based lubricant for a slippery stroke with heightened sensations. Read this detailed guide on how to use a Fleshlight male sex toy.

The realistic Super Skin material is extremely easy to clean and maintain, so you can get long-lasting pleasure and realistic stimulation from one of the best male sex toys available. Learn how to clean your fleshlight properly and effectively. Fleshlight have introduced 2 official cleaning products, the Anti Bacterial Spray and Renewing Powder, both are highly recommended for keeping Teagan Presley’s ass clean and fresh ready for your member!

The Fleshlight Sleeve is discreetly stored and kept clean by the Fleshlight Case. An end cap at the base of the case allows suction to be adjusted to match your desires. Whether you want Teagan’s butt to be nice and tight like a virgin, or a tad on the loose side – your options are endless with the Forbidden texture by Fleshlight.

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