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Guide to Fleshlights - The Best Selling Male Masturbator Range

Guide to Fleshlights - The Best Selling Male Masturbator Range

Guide to Fleshlights - The Best Selling Male Masturbator Range

By Ksenia Sobchak

The Fleshlight is the best selling male masturbator brand the world over and it's easy to see why. Fleshlights are cunningly camouflaged in torch (flashlight) casing which makes them discreet. However, what gives Fleshlights something extra special over cheaper masturbators is that their inner sleeve is made from patented Superskin which gives them an incredible lifelike feeling. This stretchy sleeve simulates both the intensity and the tightness of penetrative sex. You can even use your hand on the base of the opposite end of the Fleshlight to either reduce or increase the amount of suction/tightness experienced. Fleshlights can also offer a different dimension to foreplay with your partner.

Re-Using Your Fleshlight

Some male sex toys are only ever intended for single use but can be re-used with condoms. The Fleshlight is different. The inner sleeve of this masturbator is actually designed to be removed from the torch style casing, rinsed out, patted dried and placed back into the casing so that it's ready to go for next time. This means that it never gets messy if cleaning is carried out properly.

Different Types of Fleshlight

Fleshlights are available with the following openings: vagina, anus (Fleshjack), standard hole and mouth. The texture inside the Fleshlight sleeve varies from completely smooth as demonstrated on the Fleshlight Pink Vagina Original, to ribbed, vortex and more. The Fleshlight Vagina Stamina Training Unit comes with pleasure nubs inside the sleeve and claims to improve your staying power in bed when used regularly to build up your endurance levels. You can even choose Fleshlights that have been cast from the erogenous zones of real life porn stars as seen in the Fleshlight Girls range.

Are Fleshlights Worth the Money?

Our range of Fleshlight masturbators retail at between £50 and £60 so you may be asking yourself are they worth the additional cost when you can buy cheap masturbators from around the £10 mark. If you want a masturbator that is intended for re-use rather than as a one off, then Fleshlights can be well worth the extra outlay. If you clean and dry your Fleshlight thoroughly after each use then it should last for years to come therefore ensuring that you get your money's worth. If you don't want to spend more than £50 straight away then it's a good idea to begin with something like the Fleshlight Sex in a Can Lady Lager. This Fleshlight comes in a mock lager can rather than torch style casing and retails for £19.99.

Can We Help?

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