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How To Choose A Male Masturbator

How To Choose A Male Masturbator

How To Choose A Male Masturbator

By Elena Ognivtseva

When you first visit an online sex store and visit sex toys for men, you will likely to come across male masturbators. If you are a beginner to the wonderful world of sex toys, you may or may not have any idea of what a male masturbator actually is? Masturbators for men come in various shapes and sizes. Men can choose to slide their penis’s into a variety of vagina, mouths, and butts with different openings and internal textures. Many masturbators offer bumps, ridges, and life like shapes for the ultimate pleasure experience.

Today, when you are researching male masturbators you will discover these sex toys come with so many options, you may find yourself overwhelmed with product choices and such a large variety.

Masturbation Sleeves

One of the more common male sex toys used for male masturbation is a sleeve. The masturbation sleeve is like a hand held tunnel for your penis – and is often referred to as a pocket pussy.

Materials in sleeves often vary between the different sex toy manufacturers, so its really going to be a personal opinion on which one you prefer. You should be able to get a good understanding of the materials by reading and watching reviews online, and asking questions. A great masturbation sleeve ideal for beginners is the, Good Head – Helping Head Masturbator, Cheap in price, great in feel. This product will soon introduce you to sleeves and allow you to work your way up to a more advanced version.

Hands Free Masturbation Sex Toys

Hands free male masturbators are great sex toys for any guy looking to satisfy their selves without the use of any body parts. These male masturbators usually come with a remote control, usually wireless or wired and allow you to control the different settings that you prefer. A great example of a hands free masturbator is the, 10 Function Adonis Stroker – Priced at $42.68 it is a great toy to fulfil all your fantasies.

Vibrating Male Masturbator

A vibrating male masturbator is a soft sex toy with a masturbation sleeve for the penis that includes a battery-powered mechanism for vibration. Vibrating Masturbators for men can provide ultimate sensations at variable speeds! Most often the vibration comes from a battery powered vibrating bullet. No matter what level of stimulation you are looking for, the power of vibes are usually adjustable so you can find a setting that will have you blowing your load in no time!

Fleshlight Male Masturbators

The Fleshlight Male Masturbator is the #1 selling male sex toy in the world. Over 5 million sold, men worldwide love the patented Reel Feel Superskin™ inner texture of the Fleshlight sex toy. The sensations you feel when using a Fleshlight may even feel better than the real thing!

Part of Fleshlight range of masturbators are exact replica of famous adult porn stars’ anatomies. Finally, you can stop fantasizing about Stoya, Jesse Jane, Teagan Presley, or Katsuni. A Fleshlight Masturbation Sleeve will let you connect with your favourite porn stars the way you always dreamed about, whenever you desire! Fleshlights are incredibly easy to use, have the largest range available and are very easy to clean and maintain.

Full Body Replica Masturbators Or Dolls

Some men prefer the look, feel and stimulation of a human size masturbator. These large masturbators are the most realistic replica of what you really want – a real male or female body!

These masturbators replicate the look and feel of making love to a real woman, with the added benefit, she never says no, never talks back, is easy to put away when finished! What more could you want in a sex partner? A great male masturbator is the Pipedream Extreme – Lil Fuck Her Sex Toy.

Why You Should Own A Male Masturbator

It doesn’t matter if you’re going solo or having fun with your partner – a male masturbator can be the most relaxing and stimulating way to make you orgasm.

Whether you want something discreet to hide in your bedroom or office or the need to add a real feel touch to your lifestyle. The best part of choosing a Masturbator is they come in just about any shape, size, ethnicity and most important real feel! When you find the right male masturbator it’s equivilant to finding your perfect pleasure partner who will never tell you no – and who never has a headache! To browse our entire range of male masturbators and sex toys, simply click here! What are you waiting for?

Recommended Masturbators for Men

Vulcan Realistic Tight Anus Butt Masturbator and Stroker for Men

How To Choose A Male Masturbator

Masturbation is an experience like no other, and having a toy to get you going is a great asset. The Vulcan Realistic Tight Anus Butt Masturbator and Stroker for Men is a toy created to have your penis engaged in some great intense action that will have you reaching an explosive end in no time. With this toy, you take charge of your own strokes and tempo, getting to match up your rhythm with ease. The masturbator has a cover that gives you great handling experience, comfortably fitting in the palm of your hand. The tight anal opening ensures that you get the best of every second spent with the toy, from the very start up until the wild orgasmic ending. Get a hold of this toy and get engaged in a session like no other as you get to enjoy the most superior sensations of your masturbation sessions. Coupled with the real natural feeling of the toy, it becomes easy to assume that you are engaging in a session with a real person. The internal ridging of the interior of the toy gives your penis a massage that will have you in intense pleasure with every stroke. The toy has a stretchy material that will comfortably accommodate your girth with ease. The easy to clean toy becomes a breeze to maintain as all you need is hot soapy water and a toy cleaner of your choice. Get your hand on this toy and enjoy a 6 inch insertion length that will ensure every second of your session is intensely pleasurable.

How To Choose A Male Masturbator


If you're a total anal man, you're in great luck, because what sets the Vulcan Realistic Tight Anus Butt Masturbator and Stroker for Men apart is that it comes in the form of a sweet and tight ass that you'll want to pound all night long. The Vulcan Tight Anus Masturbator has an inner sleeve that is designed to mimic the feel of a real anus and is a perfectly reusable sleeve. You can use this toy with or without the plastic casing and still have the same amount of fun with it. 

How To Choose A Male Masturbator

The Vulcan Realistic Tight Anus Butt Masturbator and Stroker for Men also has an especially nubbed tunnel that teases your shaft for even more thrills. The removable, open ended sleeve makes for easy cleaning.

How To Choose A Male Masturbator


The Vulcan Realistic Tight Anus Butt Masturbator and Stroker for Men has a two point five inches in diameter. Insertable length is five to six inches.

Specifications of Vulcan Realistic Tight Anus Butt Masturbator and Stroker for Men

Length : 6 Inches
Washing : Hot soapy water
Insertable : 5 to 6 inches
Diameter : 2.5 Inches
Width : 8 Inches
Colour : Clear
Flexibility : Stretchy
For Who : Male
Brand : Top Co
Size : 6 Inches
Opening : Butt

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