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20 Extremely Dirty Truth or Dare Questions for A Wild Night!

20 Extremely Dirty Truth or Dare Questions for A Wild Night!

20 Extremely Dirty Truth or Dare Questions for A Wild Night!

Truth or dare is a cheap, sexy, and unique game to spice up a romantic evening. Herein are 20 dirty truth or dare questions for a wild night, including kiss your favorite part of your body, try to turn me on using sounds, and eat this mango in the most sensual way you can.

According to Dionar & Adnan (2018), the game is played verbally in a group or a party. You ask each other questions in turns. You have to be in the mood to play this game. This is all about having fun, and it's fine if your partner doesn’t want to answer a truth or do a dare. You can think of punishment to give when one declines to answer or do a dare. You can decide that one has to remove a particular clothe of your choice or take a sip of alcohol. This will make the game much more fun and exciting. 

Things to Remember While playing the Dirty Truth or Dare Game

Take it slow and easy. You have to make the game interesting. Do not get too personal and ask your partner the wrong questions. Keep the dare between couples if you are playing with other people. It could be risky if you don’t play carefully. 

  • Dirty dares to ask your partner.
  • Pass the cand to your partner using your lips.
  • Kiss your partner for thirty minutes.
  • Use a blindfold. According to Rohnke (1984), blindfolding your partner and asking them to kiss a specific body part is a fun and dirty way to enjoy your wild night with a game.
  • Tell your partner to stay naked for thirty minutes
  • You have to call me by the nicknames that I give you and not use my name till the end of the game. I get to spank you if you mess up. 
  • Twerk for me facing upside down on the wall. 
  • Do a lap dance for your partner for every song he picks
  • Let’s skin dip with you. (You can try using the bathtub if you do not have a pool)
  • Try to turn me on using sounds while the lights are off. Limit time is three minutes, failure to which I get a sexual favor.
  • Check out your two favorite sex toys online you wish to try out with me and order them right now. 
  • Kiss your favorite part of my body. 
  • Take a selfie of your atrocious O-face and use it as your phone wallpaper for the next 24 hours. If you take it off before the time limit, you have to take me for a dinner date.
  • Let’s have foreplay for ten minutes with my rule; You can kiss me everywhere but not my lips. 
  • Drag your partner to the closet and have an adult for five minutes in heaven.
  • Hop in the shower with me and help me clean myself.
  • Play your favorite song that you wish to have sex to.
  • Give me goosebumps just by using your fingers only.
  • Eat this mango in the most sensual way you can.
  • Do something that you have been fantasizing about doing for so long. 


They are questions that require answers. The person asked should only say the truth.

  • What’s the sexiest song you ever love?
  • How many times can you orgasm in a day?
  • Have you ever had a one-night stand with someone you just met or hooked up with a stranger? 
  •  Accordion to Lamb (2000), asking a question like what’s your top sexual bucket list wish is a fun way to learn more about your partner.
  • Which sexual activities do you think people underrate?
  • Which are your favorite sex position and the best type of sex?
  • Who is your best celebrity crush to hook up with if you were to have a free pass? 
  • Which is your favorite part of my body that you love kissing or sucking?
  • Have you ever sent a sex text to the wrong person?
  • What’s the worst pickup line you used and does it works?
  • If you were given 24 hours to live and do something you want, would you rather steal something you have wanted or rather have sex with someone you have always crushed on?
  • If you were to change something about me, what would that be?
  • What’s the one thing you have always dreamed of in bed you are scared of trying?
  • Suppose we are to have a threesome with you and another person. Who would you want to join us?
  • How many times have you faked an orgasm? 
  • Have you ever been caught having sex in public or at work?
  • Have you ever gotten so horny that you and your partner got frisky in public?
  • What’s the boldest thing you have ever indulged in sexually? 
  • Has any of your parents ever walked in on you masturbating or having sex?
  • Do you love sexting?

Bottom line

Truth or dare questions need to be well blended for everyone involved to have an awesome and sexy time. It's probably difficult to hold yourself after playing the dirty truth and dare game. Laugh, get horny, put your hands all over your partner and go to your room for a  fun make-out. Playing this would turn the tables around. 


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