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Probably you are searching for the best words to tell your boyfriend or husband to let him know that he keeps crossing your mind. Herein are some good morning texts to start his day right, including hello handsome, and I wish I was able to wake up with you.

Your lover needs a special good morning text that is very romantic or even lets him know that you are thinking of him throughout the day. Such texts will make him think of you throughout the day. Everyone likes the feeling of being special. That is what will make your man desire you more. There are so many best options that you may use to keep him smiling. Below are some of the best good morning texts that will brighten his day. Choose what is best for your man and spark your relationship.

Good Morning Mr. Handsome! Can’t wait For Us to Have Some Time Together Later

This text sounds simple. Let him know of your plans later in the day. This will keep him thinking of the possibilities. 

Hello Handsome! I Will Be Thinking of You Throughout the Day

This is the best way of getting into your man's heart. This will be easy when you let him know that he is always in your mind.  

I am Among the Luckiest Women in the Universe for Being Able to ''Call you Mine''

Sending him such a flirty message in the morning will always remind him that the two of you are an awesome combination, and you feel very lucky to have him all by yourself. 

I Woke Up This Morning and Realized How Missing You Hurts So Bad

This is the perfect flirty good morning text for couples that have been together for so long but don't live together. Probably, this will be the key to a conversation that will enhance living together. 

Good Morning. I Can’t Wait to Have My Lips on Yours Later When I see You

Even though such a text is somehow suggestive, it is best to get him to think about the last time you kissed and how it felt. 

I Wish I Was Able To Wake Up Next To You

This will make him think and feel like rolling his bed and having you next to him each morning. 

Good Morning! I Wonder If You think About Me When You Wake Up. I Am Thinking About You

 This is another simple good morning text that will make him think about you when he wakes up. 

Wish I Was Able to kiss You Before Leaving for work

Here he will visualize you being ready and fresh for work and giving each other a goodbye kiss and a great day wish. 

I Am Looking Forward to Being in Your Arms Later Tonight

He will not be able to resist the message. His thought of the day is having you curled in his cute arms.

You Will Be Running Through My Mind All Day

This text is simple but flirty. When he gets such a text in the morning, he will be sure that he will be in your mind the whole day.

 I Wish I Could Bring You Breakfast in Bed to Make You Have the Most Amazing Day

With this text, he will be thinking of your cooking and you being the first thing he sees every morning.

I Look Forward to the Day When I Don’t Have To Leave My Bed To See You When I Wake Up

This text is for a serious couple who plans to stay together in the future. It will make him realize that you are ready to commit. 

You Were the Last Person I Thought About Before I Drifted To Sleep Last Night

This test will let him know that he is on your mind throughout.  

You are the First Person I think About When I Wake Up in the Morning

 This shows him how deep your love for him is and that he is in your mind always. 

I Love Every Second I Get to be With You

This is also among the most popular texts for your man in the morning. This will make him know that his presence is appreciated and that you enjoy being with him.  

Good Morning! Do You Know You are My Favorite Person in the Whole World Because…?

Put a smile on your man's face by simply complimenting something he did recently for you. You can also make him smile by telling him why your love for him is that deep.

Good Morning, Honey! I Hope You Have an Amazing Day, and I Can't Wait to See You Later 

Giving someone well wishes shows how much you care.

Thinking of You When I Wake Up Makes Even the Cloudiest Days Sunny

This is the best text when sent during cloudy days, and it will let him know that nothing will ever come between the two of you.

It Is Always a Sweet Morning With You in My Life

This text will put a smile on his face when he wakes up, knowing that he may make your mornings better by simply being there.

You Will Be in My Heart All Day

This text seems cheesy, but it's what love can do to us. It is a sweet way of showing your love.

The Bottom Line

If you want to put a smile on your man's face every morning, you can try out the above-discussed good morning texts. When he wakes up feeling discouraged or passive, he will have reasons for approaching the day feeling strong and happy.