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There is nothing like being a perfect submissive. Being submissive is imperfect and a work in progress.  You can still be sexy while being submissive to your dominant partner. Some of the ways you can be submissive include; introducing the dirty talks, wearing sexy outfits, and embracing your inner rebel.

People love introducing the power dynamic in the bedroom by taking different roles such as the dominant and submissive. This should heighten their pleasures and unique sexual fantasies. Being submissive means you have given out total power and control of your body to the partner. Both partners can receive satisfaction and sexual pleasure as they perform different roles during sexual activities. You can always be sexier when performing the role of being submissive. Some of the ways you can be sexier when you are submissive include;

Introducing Dirty Talks

Using a specific language in the bedroom is a major part of being sexy as a submissive person in the relationship. You can always address your dominant partner with respect such as sir or madam. This will make them feel great because they are with the power and control over you. you can introduce dirty words as they inflict pain or do kink styles they wish to do to you. This will make them use their power over you and show you how they enjoy manipulating you sexually. you can suggest to your partner what you would love them to do to you or how they can punish you when you wrong them in the bedroom activities if you are a newbie in the dominant and submissive games.

Sexy Outfits

Dominant and submissive relationships often involve attires or outfits you can wear during a scene. You can put on some sexy outfits regardless of the role you play. Dressing code help partners to get involved in the games fully and explore the different roles. The sexy outfits can turn your partner on especially when you are playing different roles. Your partner will be in a hurry to get them off and make out with you. Put on some sexy leather outfits or sexy lingerie with heels. You can introduce a pole where you can dance and seduce your dominant partner. Your partner will drool and salivate at the sight of your sexy lingerie and will look forward to exercising their power on you. Short skirts like the school girls' uniform are also great. They are not revealing and give out easy access to the lower body parts. Wearing a short skirt leaves the dominant partner eager to see what is underneath.

Embracing The Inner Rebel

Submissive partners are known to relinquish their power and control to the dominant partner. However, a submissive partner can embrace their inner rebellion in a sexy way and still be submissive, as Moser & Kleinplatz (2007) suggested. There are instances when a partner has to be playful, disobedient, or naughty during sexual activities. This can be done when you plan to push back against some dominant's commands so that you may get a little punishment or be put back in place. You want to feel the different pleasures the dom will give out when they instill discipline and punishment for going against your command. You can pretend to be a brat or a hoe and get the dominant partner to get you back in line.

Act Sweet And Innocent

According to Cross (2004), playing the innocent is a great way to make yourself chubby and enticing. You can pretend to be more naïve even when the dom knows that you are experienced and you can get dirty. Be timid, giggle and blush and make it seem like you have never done anything naughty. This will encourage your dominant partner to take the lead as they feel they are in charge. This act makes you look inexperienced, small, and in need of their guidance. This kind of acting sweet and innocent will have you look attractive, especially to your dominant partner.

Display Of Trust

Trust is a major thing holding the relationship together. In a relationship where there is a dominant and submissive context, there is nothing sexier than the feeling of how much trust your partner has in you. However, for this to be possible you need to earn it. The only way a person can give out the power and control of their body to you will be if they trust you. According to Nichols (2006), the submissive partner allows themselves to be vulnerable when there's trust. The dominant partner will feel great that you have no fear or worry about being under their care and control.

Playing Coy

There is a difference between introducing dirty words and playing coy. When playing coy, you do not necessarily say out loud the dirty thoughts you have but drop suggestions using body language, as Holt (2015) stated. Biting the lips can be a sign of excitement and you can mix it up by looking at your dominant partner with some horny gleam in the eyes. Body language is always a way a person can use to drop suggestions, and the dominant partner will catch up with the suggestions and know what to do with them. They find this attractive as they see the feelings you are receiving as they are playing their role.


Sexiness does not look the same to each person. At times it can even be hard to be sexy. It may not be a natural thing. However, being submissive is sexy in its way. There are different ways one can be sexy and it does not necessarily mean that one has to fit into another person's mold of what they say sexiness is. One should always find the version of what suits them best. It can either be by being shy, sweet, naïve, or demure. You can try different ways and choose the one that you feel fits you the most. At times all you have to do is put on the confidence hat and try out the different ways listed in this article. It may work out for you.


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