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9 Fun Bachelorette Party Games

9 Fun Bachelorette Party Games

9 Fun Bachelorette Party Games

Bachelorette games mostly involve fun activities and games. Herein are 9 exciting games to ideas of games to play at a bachelorette party, including truth or dare, memory game, truth or drink, and 20 questions.

A bachelorette party is a fun event for a bride-to-be, mostly attended by women. It represents the bachelorette's last party as an unmarried woman. It should be relaxing, whether outdoors or indoors. Attendees can have a meal at a nice restaurant or have the party in one of their houses or a rented room. Alternatively, they can go for a hike or camping, or go out to a dance club. Are you planning a bachelorette party for yourself or your friend? Below are some fun games that can spice up this party.

Truth  or Dare

Before starting this game, participants should understand the rules and promise to adhere to them. The questions need to be addressed to the bachelorette only. One person asks a question, and if they cannot answer, they must perform a task. Some fun tasks can be doing 20 squats, giving a foot massage to the person sitting next to them, or eating a banana without holding it with your hands. Whatever activity you choose, make it fun and unique.

Truth or Drink

If you wonder about people's secrets, this is the perfect game to find out. Truth or drink is a fun game. The simple rule is that participants must answer the questions truthfully. You can ask questions like if they have ever broken the law or who has the best sense of humor in that room. Alternatively, you can ask deep questions like if they have ever cheated on their current boyfriend or husband or what is the one secret that they have never told anyone. However, before playing this game, it is essential to ask members if there are questions that could be off-limits. If the person does not want to answer the question, they are given a drink. The drink should not be tasty. It can be egg yolk or a pumpkin smoothie.

Twenty Questions

Twenty questions is a popular game at bachelorette parties. One player thinks of an object or a subject in her mind and allows her team members to find out what it is. The person answering the questions gives a yes or no to the question. For instance, the participant could be thinking of a giraffe. Another member asks,”.. is it an animal?" The answerer will respond "yes ."The players should ask questions until they get the answer. However, they are allowed to ask 20 questions only, and if they do not have an answer by the time they reach 20 questions, they lose the competition.

Guessing Game

As the name implies, players are supposed to guess and get the correct answer. For instance, you can hint about a famous person, and the players are supposed to guess who that person is. For example, while thinking of Christiano Ronaldo, you could ask, " I am the sexiest footballer. Who am I?" The ladies should keep guessing until they get the correct answer. The guessing name is nice because it can continue for as long as the players want it to.

Memory Game

Guests at a bachelorette party are usually friends, relatives, and acquaintances of the bride-to-be. They all have a memorable encounter they once had with the bachelorette. In this game, each attendee writes a memorable incident they had with the bachelorette on a piece of paper and folds it. It should not have the author's name. The bachelorette opens all the papers and tries to recall whom she shares the memory on the paper with. The players can give the bachelorette a gift for every memory she identifies with the author to make it more exciting.

Never Have I Ever 

This is one of the common dirty bachelorette party games. One person states an incident, and the person guilty of doing it responds by taking a drink. For example, the person can say, “ never have I ever slept with a married man." players who have never slept with a married man will have a drink. The game is played in turns. It's a fun game because it makes the players know each other better. It also brings out people's sense of humor. The players are bound to have moments of laughter while playing this game.

The Ex Game

Since most players are familiar with each other, they probably know each other exes. One person stands up and imitates an ex of one of the players, and the players are supposed to guess who that ex is. To make it more exciting, the person who gets the answer right should get a gift from the bachelorette. This game lightens the mood and turns the party into a sharing party. Some players who are yet to get over an ex may also find it humorous. Anyone, including the bachelorette, can participate in this game.

Draw on My Back game

As the name suggests, one person draws on the other person’s back. The person should then guess the image by feeling the sensations on her back. This game is fun when some players draw something completely different from what was drawn on their backs. It draws the players' attention as they are keen to observe the progress towards the result. 


There should be no gloomy moment at a bachelorette's party. If the indoor games are not fun enough, participants should try outdoor games such as relays and compete against each other with an egg on a spoon. Alternatively, they can try sack racing and swimming. The party symbolizes the bachelorettes' last party, and it should be as fun as possible. The list of games players can enjoy at a bachelorette party is inexhaustible. This article highlights some dirty, fun, and exciting games to make your bachelorette party memorable.