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A Guide To Drunk Sex For Liquored-Up Ladies

A Guide To Drunk Sex For Liquored-Up Ladies

A Guide To Drunk Sex For Liquored-Up Ladies

Are you the type of lady who loves coupling good liquor and sex? Or the type of lady who feels the need to engage in the most unimaginable sex acts after they have had a shot of their favorite whiskey? If so, read below for the ultimate guide to drunk sex.

Regardless of your life phase, you must equip yourself with basic tips on drunk sex, especially if you are one of those ladies who love the idea of drunk sex. The best part about drunk sex is that you get to lower your inhibitions, and nine out of ten times, you may say yes to new sexual adventures that your sober self would not dare try. Yes, we get it, “You Only Live Once” is the 21st century’s slogan, but being mentally prepared for any eventuality will not hurt.

The Ultimate Guide To Drunk Sex

Be Your Authentic Self

Freitas (2017) explained that gone are the days when you have to put a flawless public façade; being your most authentic self is nothing to be ashamed of. If you are the type of person who has a timid personality, alcohol may be the wheel that drives you far from your timid aura. However, this does not mean that you move with the masses, have a great sense of individuality, and be true to your feelings and desires. If you need to participate in a sex party, go ahead and comfortably wear the crown; embrace everything that feels good to you. It is important to check out the places where you choose to engage in sex. If you do not have the luxury of living alone, then bringing someone over for the night when your roommate is present may not be a good idea. It is disrespectful and paints a bad picture of your morality, but if your roommate is not around for the night, you can bring someone over.

Be Prepared

If you are a party maniac who loves casual hook-ups with strangers, you should always be prepared. Ditch the fancy clutch bags because you will not be able to stuff essentials with clutch bugs. So, choose a medium-sized bag where you will stuff the following;

  • Condoms; either internal or external
  • A phone charger
  • Deodorant and perfume
  • Make-up wipes
  • Comfy shoes; it may be sneakers or flat sandals
  • A top and a pair of jeans

With condoms, make sure you do not store them in the wallet or pocket because the heat may compromise the quality. Look for a mini metal tin or a pouch, especially those in which people store glasses. Moazen et al. (2021) explained that wherever you go, ensure you have a pack of condoms and lube, if necessary because you might be lucky enough to get a good romp. It would help if you were prepared at all times. It is also of the utmost importance that you choose good-quality condoms, and if you are allergic to latex, you can go for the non-latex condom brands. Stoller (2018) explained that the key is practicing safe sex even when the rest of the world thinks that going raw is the ultimate form of pleasure. Drinking is not a vice, but excessive drinking is not advisable due to several reasons;

  • You may experience partial memory loss concerning the events of the previous night.
  • Getting too drunk could make you a possible victim of rape or assault.
  • A drunk mind cannot make sound decisions, and you may end up engaging in unprotected sex even though that is something you would not dare do in your sober mind.
  • Your body may still be unable to handle the effects of alcohol; therefore, drinking in large amounts may harm your system.


Drunk sex is a fun and carefree experience because no one thinks about the after-effects when they are in the moment. Before engaging in any sexual act, it is important that both of you consent. If one person is too drunk to decide, refrain from initiating and engaging in sex even though it may seem like they want to. It is advisable to have verbal consent because you are sure the other person is not being forced into sex. Reading your partner's body language is also important; it almost equals verbal consent because if your partner is cozying up to you and being touchy for the most part, then it is a sign that they want to go home with you for the night. There are some instances when you may feel like the other person is pressuring you into having sex; they may even start being too touchy. In such a situation, you shouldn't engage in any sexual act with them because you do not know their intentions.

Free Your Mind

The older generation may tell you that your sexual expertise gets better with time. You should not feel despair if you have a non-existent sexual background, as individuals learn by trying. Also, do not expect to experience fireworks on your first drunk-sex experience; every good thing unfolds in its own time. Hubbard (2022) explained that they do not equate drunk sex to movie scenes or porn. Your partner may not have that 6-inch curved penis; all they may have to offer is a moderate-sized shaft. You may have a tummy and a plus-sized body instead of the highly coveted perky breasts and a slim waist, but the physical appearance should not hinder engaging in sex. However, if you need a 6-inch penis and a slim waist girl, go for it.


Most people have engaged in drunk sex. Some are contemplating the idea of having it, while others are completely against the idea. Even if you are sober, you aren't so sure about having drunk sex; the intoxicated, you might be bent on trying it. Many people have had sex while drunk; it can happen with strangers, close friends, or even your significant other. Drunk sex can be fun if you put your heart and soul into it. If you are new to the world of drunk sex and feel the need to be more sexually liberated, the article above will help you navigate your sexual journey.


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