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Most people have had drunk sex. Some are contemplating having it, while others are completely against the idea. Here are the things that might happen during drunk sex, including you might lose your things, you may burst into laughter, and the booze might overhype the experience.

Drunk sex can happen with strangers, close friends, or even your significant other. It can be fun if you put your heart and soul into it. If you decide to give drunk sex a shot, read the article below to determine what might happen during drunk sex.

You Might Fall Sick

If you or your sex partner have had so much alcohol, vomiting is possible, leading to a messy environment. If you're too intoxicated, you might not even get to the sex, or you might end up with a guy who insists on having drunk sex in a mound of puke or kissing with vomit on his breath.

It Might Be Awkward

During drunk sex, good eyesight and movement may not be in your favor, especially if you're trying something more sophisticated than a missionary position. Losing your footing could result in injuries.

He Might Get Whiskey Dick

Guys struggle with getting an erection, especially when consuming too much alcohol. This can cause humiliation for them. 

You May Burst In Laughter

Drunk sex can be entertaining if you're prepared for a little clumsiness and can giggle at yourself. However, ensure that your man understands you're laughing at the circumstance or yourself, not at him.

You Might Be Willing To Try New Things

Your defenses are lowered when you're drunk. You may attempt something new and be adventurous in bed and enjoy it. For example, you may finally agree to have a threesome.

You May Choose The Wrong Partner 

Having sex when drunk is risky because you might say "Yes" to someone you wouldn't consider when sober. Because of the confidence boost provided by alcohol, you might introduce yourself to someone out of your league.

The Booze May Overhype The Experience

Having sex when inebriated can sometimes be beneficial. You may enjoy the experience more than you would when sober.

You May Like Him

You can have sex with a guy while drunk and find him a good match. Unfortunately, someone willing to have sex when drunk may not value you or want a serious relationship.

You May Feel Different About Yourself

When having sex while under the influence, you may not respect yourself. You should take a step back if you're drinking to evade a heartbreak or something terrible in your life or if you don't recall your drunk sexual escapades. Examine your situation and if it is easier for you to talk to people when you've had a few drinks.

You Might Lose Your Things

You might find yourself without your pocketbook, favorite bra, or the scarf you wore to the bar the night before. Drunk people lose and break stuff, and you could pay the price for your heavy drinking.

You Might Have To Do The Walk Of Shame

The walk of shame is when you have to gather all of your belongings and leave your fuck buddy's room or home without putting on your clothes. You may pass by his roommates or family, who may cast disapproving glances on your way out. After you've sobered up, this may not be something you want to deal with after a severe hangover.

You Might Have No Regrets

For some people, a little intoxicated sex now and then is nice. It may help them get back into the rhythm of things, relieve sexual anxieties, or rekindle the romance in their relationship. 

You Might Get Memory Black Outs

You do not have to be too intoxicated to forget key information while inebriated. Even tiny amounts of alcohol might cause memory lapses. Take a moment and think about the last time you were intoxicated and experienced intimacy. Try to remember what happened and start reconstructing your thoughts around that.

The Issue of Consent

You cannot legally consent to sex if you are intoxicated or under the influence of other drugs. Guys may be hesitant to have intoxicated sex with you if they are concerned that you will later claim it was not consented to. In addition, you may find that you didn't want to have sex with a particular individual but did because you were drunk. 

The Bottom Line

There's nothing wrong with two adults sharing a few drinks and becoming intimate consensually. However, if your objective is to have a nice and memorable encounter, you may choose to forego the alcohol entirely. Always remember that there is another day to get drunk. Drunk sex can come with a lot of baggage, as explained in this article, but consent is necessary. Also, you should not engage in drunk sex if you are too wasted.