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Shopping for a plus-size body might seem hard and tiresome. You will likely achieve what you want to get if you take some time and put your brain on it. Some see-through bras for plus-sized women include; the sheer bra and the lace bra.

See-through bras are perfect for plus-size women because they have an underwire supporting the breast. These underwire bras can come in handy, especially if the bust is heavy. They lift and provide the bust with a round shape. The see-through bras help the bust be comfortable and give the breast some air. The good thing about the sexy see-through bras is that they are suitable for every occasion. It may seem tiresome work to shop and get the right or perfect one, but the best thing to do is to put your mind to it and get the best one that will show off your sex appeal. Some best see-through bras include;

Types Of See-Through Bras

The Sheer Plus Size Bra

See-through bras are made from a comfortable material and can support the bust without sagging. The underwire helps to support the breast perfectly. It is light and offers that comfort as it is not heavy. These bras have a sheer type of cloth on the cups, making them cozy and breathable. They give the bust a beautiful appearance, and the cups are supportive enough to prevent the breast from falling off. It also has a soft material that feels comfortable on the skin, and one gets to feel some pleasure.

The Lace Plus Size Bra

According to Filipe et al. (2015), a lace plus size bra is made from a soft lace material and feels some pleasure to touch. They are seductive and make your breast look sexy. The soft lace makes the breast have space for them to breathe. They have an underwire that supports the breast and offers pads to lift them and have them be in a round and flattering shape to see. Most of them are elastic, giving the bust a sex appeal. The great thing about this lace plus size bra is that you can wear them on any occasion, guaranteed not to embarrass you.

Black Sheer Plus Size Bra

You can never go wrong with a sheer black bra. It will always come in handy, especially if you are a plus-size woman. Their cup regions are soft,  giving out the pleasure and comfort vibes. They offer excellent bust support and ensure the bust does not feel they are caged. This is because they are breathable. The great thing is that you can wear them in any weather, especially the warm weather. The spaces will allow air inside, therefore not feel uncomfortable in it. The sheer material helps the sweat present in the breast not accumulate in the body and provides the air for the breast to have some air and get to breathe, as Hopkins (1950) noted.

Tips On How to Buy the See-Through Bras


Bras come in different sizes. It is a great idea to know your bra size. It is great that you choose the one that fits you if you buy a bra, and if you can't get one, it is either you buy the next size after yours or a size that is slightly below your normal size. These are the only sizes that will work best for you. That is why they are best known as the sister size.

The Band

According to Shi et al. (2020), a plus-size woman should go for a wider band to give the cups the support it needs. Some people believe that the straps offer support to the breast, but the band plays a major role in the real sense. They help the breast cups take the position and be in shape. Once your band and the cup can fit, you can put the straps in a position that you feel you are comfortable enough.

Wide Straps

Having a full bust means they will need enough support for the cups to hold them. The narrow straps are very good for petite women with smaller breasts. This is because they do not need a lot of pressure t support the cups. The wide straps are strong enough to support the breast and make them fit comfortably inside the cups.


The best thing that could happen to a plus-size see-through bra is if they have an underwire. It will make the breast take up the shape it intends to make. According to Zhou et al. (2020), the wire in cups can accommodate the breast and helps take the round shape making your cleavage look sexier. The underwires can be plastic or metal, but they should be in a place that can hold the breast comfortably without experiencing some discomfort. Ensure they are sewed in place, or they may prick you.


Get into the world of exploring different classy and sexy see-through bras. Being a plus-size woman does not mean you should wear the aged women's bras to get the support your breasts need. There are a variety of see-through bras that can make you feel sexy. Some come in different colors and prints. Sometimes they are a mirror of your fashion style. If you want to create a good impression on people who will see you in it, make sure that you have invested in the one that can make you look elegant and also sexy in the same way. Get rid of the ones that do not favor your breast and get to explore the world of see-through bras. Do not be afraid of attempting something new, especially if you are a newbie to see-through bras. Be comfortable, and you will get to enjoy the whole experience. Show off those assets; they are your signature. Embrace your size and show off your plus-size breasts by considering these plus-size bras discussed above.


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