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Car Sex Tips - How To Have Sex in a Car

Car Sex Tips - How To Have Sex in a Car

Car Sex Tips - How To Have Sex in a Car

By Elena Ognivtseva

Positions that will put you at 1000 mph!

Surely this has happened to you: you happen to be going in the car with your partner, when you suddenly feel such desire that you want to do it right there, you feel that you cannot wait to get home...

To have sex in the car, in the way home, when you are coming from a date, returning from a party, or while traveling through the mountains on a Sunday, there is always a good place to stop the car and enjoy sex to the fullest!

There are many sexual positions that you can practice in your own car! Here are some ideas for a new sex session, creative and very naughty!

She stands in the back of the car with her hands resting in the rear deck; she curves her waist as much as possible, lifting her bottom so the boy is capable of movement from behind.

Kiss passionately and without him expecting it, she gets on top of him in the driver's seat. The seat should be move back for more space.

The boy gets in the middle seat in the back seat of the car. She gets on top of him, facing away from him, grabs the headers of the front seats to better carry the pace and depth of penetration.

This other option is for couples who are in good shape! He should stretch across the width of the back seat and she has to get on top as if making a squat. Perhaps it may seem difficult, but it is worth it!

The loving embrace is an extremely sensual position. The goal is to be face to face, if they fail to fully embrace their legs, because in some cars it cannot be done, the important thing is to get eye contact and intimacy with your partner, are you up to it?

He should knock the back of the seat a little to increase the space. She climbs on top of him and start riding... very exciting!

To not miss a single bit of space in the car, open the back door, sit back and enjoy! But be careful not to hit your self with the door...