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Awkward Moments That Everyone Experiences During Sex

Awkward Moments That Everyone Experiences During Sex

Awkward Moments That Everyone Experiences During Sex

By Ekaterina Mironova

Even the most glamorous of sex symbols experience those awkward moments during sex and if they deny it they are simply lying. When we're in a long term relationship it is easier to laugh off embarrassing moments however they can leave us absolutely mortified when we're trying to make a good impression.

The Teeth

Teeth are responsible for a myriad of mishaps as they can cause quite a lot of damage if used in the wrong way. They are not only responsible for the awkward teeth clattering during a good snog they can also nick and tear even if you don't want them to. The most popular mishap involves blow jobs as when a man is quite large it can be difficult to give fellatio while keeping your teeth out of the way. He only has to move a little for you to nip him and if he's mature the skin could tear quite easily leaving you looking like thirsty vampire. This won't actually hurt him even though the amount of blood may be shocking, of course as he's aroused the blood rushes to the penis and this is why it looks worse than it is. If this has never happened to you, thank your blunt incisors or your young lover as it's not much talked about but quite common in older couples.

The Vagina

The vagina is our best friend but it can get us into a whole heap of embarrassing situations. There are almost too many to mention. The most famous one is the 'fanny fart" where air is expelled sounding like flatulence making you want the ground to swallow you up. To avoid this make sure you use plenty of lubricant and do pelvic floor exercises every day. Also ask your lover to calm down a little as it's the banging that leads to a build-up of air.

The other that can be cured through pelvic floor exercises is the incontinence when we cum. This happens regularly when sex begins again after childbirth, as when a climax is imminent the whole body is relaxed and loose muscles make a little urine seep out. This doesn't usually result in a full on wee but more a teaspoon full, however it is still very embarrassing. Try to avoid oral sex (unless your partner loves golden showers and then you're laughing) until you're confident this won't happen.

Depending on how secure you are with your partner, starting a period during sex can also be embarrassing, however, only the most immature man will be turned off by this. If he doesn't like sex during your period (which is quite uncommon as it is usually when a woman is at her horniest), just finish up and suggest a shower together.

The Bum

The majority of men love anal sex however women feel mortified when they see yucky evidence in stain form on the sheets. Although this is highly embarrassing, your partner would be an utter creep to mention it as he completely understood the science behind the bum before you gave him this naughty pleasure. To try and avoid it make sure you choose a time when you have already had your daily bowel movement and use lots of lubricant so any remaining material simply slides off.