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Clone-A-Willy is a casting kit used to mold the replica of a penis. Herein is about understanding the benefits of Clone-A-Willy and the steps you need to follow to make a replica of a penis.

It is possible to make a dildo out of your penis. You can purchase a casting kit instead of shopping for a dildo. Besides having fun with your partner while making it, it can be a perfect chance to introduce the idea of having sex toys in your sex life. It is more interesting to know women can clone vaginas. You do not need to be too sexually adventurous to make clones of your sexual organs. You need to be a person who is comfortable with your body and willing to try new things.

Benefits of Clone-A-Willy

Some people wonder why anyone would want to have a replica of their penis while there are various dildos on the market they can easily purchase for whichever reason. Some men get offended when their partners bring in dildos and intend to include the dildos in their bedroom. It may seem a mere item, but it's similar to having another man in the bedroom. It disgusts a man and makes them avoid touching the dildo. A man's ego boost when they have a dildo that is a replica of their penis, and they will want to include it in their bedroom activities (Blake, 2011). A man will no longer feel intimidated by the dildo, and he will be confident about it. A penis replica can stand in for a man when they cannot be physically present for their partner. The penis replica is useful in the case of long-distance relationships. A partner can have the dildo penis and do anything they want, including using it as part of long-distance sex play. The dildo representing the penis comes into play instead of using dildos from the shelves.

Some men love their penis much. Some have a name for their penis and are probably the same men having a replica of their penis to admire. They display it and looking at it pleases them. It is normal for a man to love their penis because the penis has a role in their life. Sex can never be underrated. Most things a man does revolve around sex, and a penis is the starring in sexual matters. A man's phallus impression would boost their ego if they could see a penis, an independent feature, standing by itself on a cabinet in their house. Self-love.

A penis dildo can be a perfect gift for someone treasuring it. Some people would love a gift of their partner's most important feature, 'the penis,' or a dildo to keep as a souvenir.

How to Make a Replica of Your penis

Step One

Fill the plastic mold container to the top brim with lukewarm or cold water, depending on the instructions on the product. Mix the white mold powder with water. Some molding kits on the market use extremely cold water to decrease the drying process, while others use warm water. Warm water seems better because placing an erect penis in very cold water can be uncomfortable. Ensure to follow the steps as instructed by the product you have purchased. Place your penis in very cold water if instructions require you to.

Step 2

Open the casting bag and pour the powder into the plastic bucket. Pour the room temperature or cold water from the plastic cup into the bucket. Use a spoon, stick, or spatula to mix the powder and water. The mixing of water and casting powder should be fast and done in a short time. You may notice some clumping, but you need not worry. All casting products produce clumps.

Step 3

Pour the contents into the mold cup after thoroughly mixing the water and casting powder. Fill the cup to the top rim.

Step 4

This step is the most important because you involve yourself physically.

Dip your balls and erect your penis into the cup. This procedure is messy because the excess watery material will run over the sides of the cup. The bigger your penis, the more the mess. You could do this step over some newspapers or a rag or get in the shower or bathtub to avoid cleaning the mess when you are done. However, the contents are easy to clean.

The remaining molding material inside the cup will toughen in minutes after you dip your penis (Sias, 2005). The watery material toughens and becomes sturdier and more flexible. When you can not poke your finger into the former watery material, pull out your penis. What remains in the cup is your penis's impression.

Step 5

You could mix all the materials once and use the rest in this step, but the material would toughen. The material in this step should be watery to get a perfect product. The impression has a hole to fill to create a dildo. Mix the contents again as in step one. Pour the watery material into the impression. Let it cool for 24 hours. Pull it out of the cup. Your penis is a dildo!


Clone-A-Willy was the original maker of penis impressions. More manufacturers ventured into the market to give men a chance to make impressions of their penis. Making penis impressions is fun for sexually adventurous people and willing to try unconventional things. You won't hesitate to take a chance having the impression of your penis if you are in touch with your kinky side. Some men do not like dildos because they feel like two men in their bedroom. Ensure you inform your partner about introducing a dildo to avoid inconveniences. According to Gomes et al.(2020), you could use a dildo, especially in a long-distance relationship, to satisfy your sexual pleasures. Explore your sexual desires with a dildo. It feels great to make a dildo and use it with your partner for more pleasure. Use the steps above to make a dildo and save on buying expensive ones from sex shops.


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