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Daily Sex - Is It Really Possible? Is It Good To Have Sex Everyday?

Daily Sex - Is It Really Possible? Is It Good To Have Sex Everyday?

Daily Sex - Is It Really Possible? Is It Good To Have Sex Everyday?

By Elena Ognivtseva

According to recent scientific research, regular sex has many positive health benefits for both men and women. Some of these benefits include a lowering in the instances of depression, a greater immunity to disease and infection, and a reduction in testicular cancer diagnosis in men who ejaculate once a day. Plus, it’s fun and creates a relationship with your partner which is closer, stronger and more intimate.

In an ideal world we would all be having sex daily in order to reap these benefits; however that is not always possible. Daily life is full of commitments and responsibilities which take up our time and sap our energy. So is having sex daily really possible? Well, according to one Marie Claire writer it is! Despite being married, working 10 hour days and looking after 3 young children, the Marie Claire writer still managed to have a daily tumble with her husband. So how can you make time for sex when your day is already full to the brim? Read on.

First of all let me say to women who have recently given birth; DO NOT feel that you should be ‘back in the saddle’ within weeks of your baby’s arrival. Each woman is different; some will get right back on the horse, some won’t feel ready for months.

Anyway, take a look below for my tips for making time for sex.
A good time for busy working parents to make time for sex is after the kids have gone to bed. You don’t need to wait for your own bed time to get busy, in fact doing so will probably mean that you are too exhausted come 10-11pm to bother! Have sex in the early evening when you still have some energy reserves left to put the effort in. You can always get out of bed again if you’re not ready for sleep.

If you’re a big list-maker then schedule sex into your day’s tasks. I know it doesn’t sound very romantic and spontaneous, but scheduling sex may be the only way to give it greater importance. After a while you will get into a routine and sex will be part of everyday life.

If you’re just too exhausted for sex in the evenings then try it in the morning. Many couples report that their early morning romps are hotter and heavier than at any other time of the day. This is probably due to men’s and women’s testosterone levels peaking in the early morning.

If sex is just not on the cards then try to have a cuddle at the very least. There’s a lot to be said about lying wrapped in each other’s arms for a few minutes before you nod off. You could always opt for oral sex if you are up for something relaxing yet saucy. You will probably find that a laid back blow job turns into a steamy session anyway!