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Embarrassing Problems in Bed

Embarrassing Problems in Bed

Embarrassing Problems in Bed

By Ekaterina Mironova

If you've ever seen embarrassing bodies you'll have seen some gruesome sights. I did always wonder why people found it so fascinating however after watching a full episode last week I realised it is compulsive viewing. Not only does it make us feel better about the little things that stop us from enjoying our bodies completely it also allows us to address problems that we may be too scared to divulge to the doctor.

Here are just a few embarrassing problems and how you can overcome them.

Stretch Marks

If you've had children you may be one the unfortunate ones that have suffered from stretch marks. Trust me I know how embarrassing this is. As a single parent to my first child I strongly believed that I'd never have the confidence to get naked ever again as my stomach was beyond recognition. It has improved with time but still I don't wear a bikini on holiday or flaunt it, yet I've had quite an active (ahem) dating life since the birth of my teenage son and never once has anyone been put off by my floppy belly. I've realised that if you pretend not to care they don't care either.

Skin Tags

With anal sex all the rage it's easy to worry about how you look from behind and many people will have skin tags around the anus as a result of piles, childbirth or even from birth. There are ways to remove these through freezing or tying them off if you're worried but you will have to take a trip to the docs and bare all.

In Growing hairs

A bald beaver is a wonderful sight and one that makes women and men more aroused as women feel sensations deeper while men like to see everything on display. Unless you're very lucky though you ill pay the price for this lack of hair as when it grows back you'll inevitably suffer from an ingrowing hair or two. These can be very unsightly and sometimes leave bumps or scars. Prevention is better than the cure so after shaving or waxing make sure you exfoliate and use moisturising cream to soften the skin so hair can naturally break through.

Excessive Discharge

Many women worry about excessive discharge at some point as during the month at different phases of ovulation we secrete more or less fluid depending on the time of our cycle. If the discharge is smooth, white or clear, without an odour and doesn't itch you have nothing to worry about. In fact as long as you are clean your partner will probably love the extra lubrication. This is a common problem and the reason daily panty liners were invented, so you're not alone.