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Girls: Dressing to impress for a fiery office fling

Girls: Dressing to impress for a fiery office fling

Girls: Dressing to impress for a fiery office fling

By Elena Ognivtseva

An office fling is the stuff of fantasy, but what happens when you really do fancy your boss, or your colleague is getting you all hot under the collar? Getting their attention is no easy feat in a professional environment but nothing says ‘I want you’ like a plunging neckline and bedroom eyes.

You’re a woman: embrace it

That doesn’t mean you have to hitch your skirts up or undo another button. It just means that it won’t hurt to trade in those not-so-flattering trousers for a pencil skirt that accentuates your curves and shows off your calves.

Nothing says I want you like a plunging neckline

It’s true that some girls have all the luck with a busty neckline and that really helps when you want to attract a bit of extra attention, but if you haven’t been blessed by head-turning-tits fairy, you need another tack. Why not let his imagination run wild with a low-running neckline that doesn’t bare all? Give him enough to set his imagination on the loose, but just not enough so that he wants to see more.

Pack those flats away and wear your sex kitten heels to the office
We don’t wear our heels just because we love them, ladies. Men love us in them too: they accentuate your femininity, tone up your calves and make your legs look like they go on forever. Create a winning combo with black-seamed tights for a vintage look that is professional enough for the office but eye-catching enough to grab his attention.

It’s what’s inside (or under) that counts

Wear your favourite lingerie ensemble under your office wear and you’ll feel sexy. It doesn’t matter if he doesn’t know what’s under your shirt but chances are he’s stealing a peek whenever he can and he’ll notice. There’s nothing better than unwrapping a present to enjoy the lush goodies inside so make sure you’re prepared for a chance office encounter in the photocopy room.

Make eye contact

Last on the list, but not least: it’s all in the eyes. Treat yourself to some lovely lashes, doll up your dainties with a splash of eyeliner, and lift your lids to make eye contact with the lucky guy. He’ll know, and he’ll hold your gaze for just a second longer than he should if he’s interested. The rest of the office will love your new gorgeous look too and who knows? You might attract somebody else’s attention while you’re at it.