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How to Become More Attractive to Men (Scientifically Proven!)

How to Become More Attractive to Men (Scientifically Proven!)

How to Become More Attractive to Men (Scientifically Proven!)

By Elena Ognivtseva

Whether you’re a young single girl looking for fun, a divorcee stepping back into the dating game, or you just want to make your partners eyes light up with that lust you remember well, learning the science behind your attractiveness can help.

All of these factors are scientifically proven, and the great news is not one involves plastic surgery or gym trips five times a week.

1. Dare to Wear Red

Scientific studies have proven that men are more attracted to women who wear red. You can swap the work out fit for a flattering red pencil skirt, or surprise him with some red underwear complete with stockings. Another little tip of mine for lovers is to use a lip tint on your nipples and areola this will drive him crazy without him ever knowing why. Even a splash of red lipstick can make him wild with desire, so however you choose to do it, dare to wear red.

2. Laugh at His Jokes (Only if they are funny)

As you laugh at his jokes, he releases chemicals that make him believe you completely understand him. You give him an all over fuzzy feeling just by giving validation to his efforts to amuse you.

3. Say Cheese

Studies have shown that a smile prompts his senses to release happy hormones. This is of course your best asset, so slap on the lippy and say cheese!

4. Play Copycat

Not in the annoying way of copying his every move as you did to your older brother as a child, but every now and again if you mimic his movements, such as a hand through your hair, or even picking up your drink at the same time, he will associate this with you being the perfect partner for him.

5. Don’t Cry

Men are actually turned off by the smell of tears, so it maybe an idea to save those weepy movies for a night with the girls rather than a romantic night in!

6. Wiggle It

A gentle sway of the hips draws a man’s attention to your most primal asset. Hips are associated with your fertility, and subconsciously all men still find them extremely attractive as they highlight your readiness to reproduce. Practice your sway and make the High Street your runway.

7. Bare All

Amazingly arms will turn a man on. Flashing your shoulders and elbows will produce lustful thoughts in his brain. When the weather permits try wearing vests, or string strapped dresses, you’ll be surprised how much attention you get!

8. Go Soprano

Many people believe that a sultry deep voice is the key to attracting men, however studies show that the higher the voice (except for squeaks) the more the woman is lusted after. Try adopting Marilyn Monroe’s tones, however practice first as you may just end up looking a bit demented!