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Bath time is a physically gratifying affair or experience. This article discusses the guide to solo and partnered bathtub experiences.

We all get to the bathtub to clean ourselves up and remove our daily sweat most of the time. In some cases, we get in the tub to relax our minds after a long day. We might also want to have some cheeky time with our partners or even ourselves. You can explore and have fun with each other depending on what you choose to do. In cases where you have no partner, you can get in with your waterproof sex toys and pleasure yourself. Below is a guide to solo and partnered bathtub experience;

Bathtub Size

The bathtub size is a major factor to consider if you wish to explore the bathtub sensations, either alone or with a partner. You are lucky if you have a wider bathtub that can fit you comfortably. A wider bathtub is always encouraged if you have decided to get cheeky inside the bathtub. You can try as many styles as you want without any restrictions. You can get in with some waterproof sex toys and try and explore with each other. Furthermore, you can use the sex toys on yourself to stimulate the erogenous regions and enjoy some steamy wetness. A narrow bathtub can come with some limitations. It might be too small to fit both you and your partner. Sometimes the bathtub can as well be too small for you. A wide bathtub will always carry the day. This is because there is enough space to fit you and your partner. You should avoid filling the bathtub with so much water as it may spill when you enter. The water level will always rise when someone is inside the bathtub.  

Edge of the Bathtub

The edge can be an essential part for you and your partner. You can try some oral sex with one partner sitting on the bathtub edge. You should make sure you are in a comfortable position. Try and hold on to something that will give you some balance and avoid slipping out of the bathtub. The other partner can be on his knees and try to give you some head. You can exchange the roles once the other partner feels satisfied. You cannot rule out the idea of having sex. You can try different sex positions, such as the doggy style, where one person will bend over the walls of the bathtub while the other is clutching onto the hips of the one bending. This is to establish some balance that can help them to thrust comfortably. Things can get a little steamy, and it may slip out of your mind that you are in the bathroom. Ensure you are in a safe position to avoid any injuries.

Sex Styles to Try in a Bathtub

You might want to get cheeky with your partner when things get steamy. Therefore, the following sex styles might come in handy:

Doggy Style

This is the easiest sex position to try out while in the tub. According to DeAngelo (2001), the doggy-style sex position is the best if you want to explore your partner’s body. One partner will bend over and hold on to the tub's outside walls while the other holds onto the hips while thrusting. 


Your partner can lie on their back while you ensure the knees and the hands are safely placed. Your partner can then ride on you.

Safety Measures to Consider

Buy Anti-Slip Mats/ Stickers

Slippery mats can make someone slip, which is very dangerous. Buy anti-slippery mats that once you get out of the shower, you are sure of not slipping or falling. If things get steamy while you are making out and, by bad chance, you slip, the accident may not be as serious as the mats are anti-slip.

Avoid Bubble Baths 

Everyone wants to spice up their sex life. Most prefer making a bubble bath, while others may create a candlelit bath. It is great and fun until something hazardous happens and a fire erupts. Bubble baths will make the floor and walls wet and slippery. If they are necessary, make them but not regularly. 

Dry Surface Area for Holding 

You will often want to engage in sex with your significant other. You might want to hold onto the shower tub walls as you try out different sex styles. The bathtub's surface area should be dry to ease trying different sex styles effectively. When wet, they can make someone slip or even fall off and cause injuries that can be avoided.

Stable Surface Area

Before deciding to sit on the bathtub's edge, you should check if the area can support your weight. If the edge can’t support your weight, avoid it. You might hold onto the bathtub, causing accidents.


If your convenient birth control for you is a condom, the bathtub may work against you during partnered sex. The condom might get wet and slip out. If you plan to use a condom, get in with some lube. Silicone-based lube is ideal because it will not wash away, unlike water-based lube. Be mindful of the type of products you use on yourself. Some of them might get into the vagina and cause some health issues.

While in the bathtub, you might want to get cheeky by having fun with yourself. Whichever position you plan or sex activity you opt for, be mindful of your safety first.


It is always fun and exciting to have sexual pleasure in the bathtub, whether alone or with a partner. However, do not be carried away by the sensual feeling and forget where you are. Your safety should always be first. Get relaxed and feel clean; go and have some sexual pleasure. Live in the moment. Don’t live a boring life that is always found in the bedroom. Get to experience something new that you will be comfortable with.


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