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Guide to Erection Enhancers

Guide to Erection Enhancers

Guide to Erection Enhancers - Natural & Safe Sexual Enhancers for Men

By Tatyana Dyachenko

When it comes to the male member, size actually matters. With new products being launched ever so often, it is evident that getting longer and bigger is something that so many people dream about. There are cases of dick size driving the man crazy and actually leading to depression as self-esteem is greatly lowered. Being sufficient enough to meet your partner’s needs is something every man dreams about. Luckily, there are a few ways to increase girth and length that do not require the use of pills.

Cock Rings

Guide to Erection Enhancers

Designed to constrict blood vessels in the penis, cock rings make sure that your erection in of superior quality by preventing blood flow out of the penis. The cells in the penis are sufficiently filled with blood, making the penis reach its maximum size. The cock ring gives temporary effects, but they are powerful and ensure that your performance level is at its peak.

In addition to the added girth and length, the cock ring holds your erection for longer and ensures that you get to enjoy extended play time. The increased sensitivity and delayed ejaculation makes sure that you have the best session and enjoy every stroke until you achieve your inevitable orgasmic end.

Penis Pumps

Guide to Erection Enhancers

Penis pumping is a great way to achieve permanent results over an extended period of time. With the penis pump placed well over the penis, the air is sucked out of the area and when the vacuum is released, blood rushes into your penis, giving you an instant erection. With blood filling your penis, you get to enjoy a bigger and longer penis due to the intense erection. To make the session even more interesting, place a ring on the base of your cock to restrict the flow of blood out of your penis. With this technique, you get to enjoy your greater girth for longer, indulging your partner in some mind blowing and orgasmic session.

The penis pump is a great penis exerciser, and with frequent use the penis maintains the bigger and better size while also having your erections even harder and better. The effects become permanent after a period of frequent use.

Penis Extenders

Guide to Erection Enhancers

Available in various sizes and designs, the penis extender are sleeves created for the sole purpose of adding length and girth to your penis. The sleeves feature extra length and the thickness of the material adds a few extra inches to your girth. With the choice between textured and smooth surface penis extenders, you get to own a few different pieces to serve the different needs. Penis extenders make the session last a bit longer as the strokes are coupled with a feeling of deep throat, making your penis feels even better. The effect of the extenders last for as long as the extender is worn, helping you treat your partner to some intensive and deep penetrative session.

Penis Stretcher

Guide to Erection Enhancers

With scientific proof to back up its claims, the penis stretcher is the best non-pill option when it comes to achieving permanent results. The penis stretcher puts a controlled traction force on the penis, leading to cell division. To repair the damage, blood cells are sent to the penis and over time this causes a tissue build-up, giving your penis the added girth and length that you so desire. The process takes a while, but the results are worth the patience and the wait. If you have no interest in taking pills or undergoing surgical procedure, this penis stretcher is the best option you have to achieve permanent results without the other options.

Penis Creams

There are so many penis creams available, ensuring that you are spoilt for choice when it comes to obtaining one. The cream is absorbed into the penis, stimulating tissue expansion for growth. This cream works instantaneously, giving you a powerful erection immediately it is applied. The cream strengthens the tissue muscles, giving you a rock solid erection that will have you swollen to your maximum limit, adding girth and length to your penis.

Choosing a penis extension technique is wholly dependent on your patience and the level of dedication you have to the process. However, each method boasts of its own extra benefits, so always choose one that best fits your needs.