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How To Give Her Mind Blowing Oral

How To Give Her Mind Blowing Oral

How To Give Her Mind Blowing Oral

By Ksenia Sobchak

Most women will agree that the best orgasms are usually achieved through oral sex (cunnilingus), as the tongue can offer so much lubrication along with soft and hard strokes targeting the clitoris to bring women gentle to a massive climax.

However, due to embarrassment, bravado or ego men rarely research how to do it. Some believe that simply licking should be enough, becoming confused when this tack doesn't work.

Women by their nature will thoroughly investigate how to be better in bed, either through an innate competitive nature that drives them to be better than previous lovers or a desire to please their man; they will often lap up advice on how to give the best oral sex. Unfortunately men don't often do the same, as they assume the porno movies are real with women climaxing with three deft licks, yet if they took the time they may discover a thing or two as to how women really like that tongue to be used.

Embrace all

Before starting its important to make sure your woman not only feels comfortable but completely relaxed too. If you exude an air of apprehension she will pick up on this. If you're squeamish about putting your tongue and mouth on the most intimate part of her body, you quite simply need therapy as it's unfair to make your lover feel unattractive or repulsive just for being a sexual being.

How many times has she used her mouth on you and not complained? Probably telling you how good it tastes and how your solid cock turns her on. You need to do the same. Tell her how beautiful her pussy is, let her know that you can't wait to taste her, tell her how her scent makes you wild with desire, and invite her to share her own salty taste through fingers or kisses.

Start slowly

Start by kissing and licking her inner thighs, going straight for the clitoris will only make her feel rushed. She'll worry about taking time to orgasm, turning her off in an instant. Lick around the vagina with broad strokes of the tongue, firming your tongue when licking up and down the inside of the labia as if drawing a precise picture with the strongest muscle in your body. Dart your tongue in and out of her vagina and then lap upwards until you find her clitoris which should now be evident as it swells with the rush of blood through glorious anticipation.

Target the G-Spot

In the early stages it's best to lick around the swollen bud rather than going for the kill. Tease and tempt by gently sucking and biting the labia, introducing your fingers to give feather light touches of the clit as you do so. Then you can place your fingers inside her, using a 'come hither ' motion to target her G-spot.

Move your fingers in and out as you flick your tongue over her clitoris, stimulating her inner goddess, you'll feel her squirm with delight. To prolong the pleasure, lick around in circular motions before returning to the point of desire.

You can also take time to taste her, changing tack keeping your fingers lightly touching her clit (so there's barely any pressure at all), taste her arousal before replacing your fingers and apply pressure to her G-spot as she climaxes. You'll feel her G-spot when she's ready to come as it will swell protruding forward much like your prostate gland does. Make firm contact with the pads of your fingers, and relish in the fact you've quite possibly given your lover the best oral sex of her life!