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Nightgowns - Can They Improve Your Sex Life?

Nightgowns - Can They Improve Your Sex Life?

By Tatyana Dyachenko

In a word, yes.  A nightgown can be anything, from a simple cotton shift to a few patches of lace, a wisp of lace and a ribbon.  It can be modest or revealing, sophisticated or sluttish, silk or cotton, long or short. The word nightgown covers a huge spectrum of very different garments, but there’s no doubting the truth, the right nightgown can improve not only your sex life but also your sleep and your self-esteem. Nightgowns are important, not just because of the way they look, but because of the way they make you feel.

For many women, bedtime is the only time of day where they get time for themselves. Time to brush hair, remove makeup, add face cream and the all important tiny dab of perfume which helps you sleep just that little bit better.  So bedtime is a time when you don’t haev to settle for anyone else’s view of that you should wear, you can be the essential you and somewhere in the worlds huge collection of nightgowns, is one which will help you.

Nothing has such a romantic feel to it as a long sweeping nightgown, especially when it feel good against your skin and has an all important lace trim. Once of the joys of my job is reading  the emails we receive where our wonderful clients share why they decided to buy a special nightgown and how it helped them.

We recently received on from a new Mom who found she had no energy, her life was so wrapped up in her baby, and she felt so tired and unable to cope she was shutting the rest of the world out. Fortunately her own Mom bought her one of our maternity nightgowns, a practical design but in luxury fabric. It brightened her life and helped her start to take care of herself again, not just just her baby.

Another client bought her nightgown after getting divorced, and having been there myself, I understood how she felt. She knew she was better off without her ex, but the sense of betrayal, of waste, of genuine grief had left her unsteady, not sure what direction her life should take. She bought a wonderful silk nightgown in a color she loved and told us ‘I knew that if I was ever going to find love again this time it would be on my terms; somehow a nightgown says that in a way day clothes don’t. ‘  Some months later she bought a fabulous short, sexy babydoll. I didn’t ask, but something tells me her life was back on track!

So I can say with certainty from the emails I receive that nightgowns improve your sex life, and they do it in more ways than I think I can mention.

  • Choose the right color and style for you, not what’s in fashion, and you know you’ll look especially fabulous.We make more styles in more colors than anyone else.
  • Made to measure makes the most of your figure, emphasizing the good and glossing over the bad.It doesn’t matter what size you are, the nightgown will be made to fit.
  • Mo more worries about straps that fall down or boobs that fall out. Our designs are created for real women, who actually move AND have boobs.
  • No sweaty nylon or cheap chiffon, only fabric which feels wonderful against your skin. Our favorite fabrics are silks, satins and cotton lawn.
  • No cheap construction, frayed hems or bows that fall off. 
  • Long sweeping designs with extravagant lace trim for when you enjoy feeling every inch the romantic heroine.
  • Short sexy styles for when you’d rather be the hunter than the hunted.
  • Historically based styles to pander to all your fantasies.

Nightgowns can improve your sex life by making you feel glamorous and sexy and filling you with confidence in a way only a made to measure garment can.  So when you think of the word nightgown, don’t think of something your grandmother wore, think instead of nightgowns which have a certain style.