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How Housework Can Spice Up your Sex Life – Really!

How Housework Can Spice Up your Sex Life – Really!

How Housework Can Spice Up your Sex Life – Really!

By Tatyana Dyachenko

Although we all love the idea of those initial feelings of lust lasting forever, the reality in a long term relationship is often very different.

Those first throws of passion when you both wait for the weekend to rip each other’s clothes off seem such a long time ago and now mustering up the energy and time to fit in regular sex seems like an effort you could do without. There’s no denying that once the effort is made sex is usually enjoyable and as you both glow in the aftermath you wonder how you ever survived without it for so long. You make promises to each other to make more time however life often gets in the way.

Housework is one of those daily facts of life that shouldn’t interrupt a couple’s desire but does. When there’s a to do list as long as your arm, children’s meals to sort and a pile of ironing higher than the bed itself, it’s hard to relax and fully surrender to some quality sensual time in or out of the bedroom.

Chores for Whores!

However studies now prove that long term couples that actually clean together have a more active and fulfilling sex life than those that don’t. The results are said to be due to a woman’s ability to wind down whilst getting the job done, as well as the feeling of creating a clean spacious haven for those extra curricula activities.

As you pick up dirty clothes from the floor, vacuum the carpet and plump the cushions subconsciously you are creating the perfect setting for an evening or afternoon of fun. Incorporating your partner into the activity promotes a feeling of being in it together, and is now considered to be the ultimate form of foreplay.

Make Role-play your Best Friend

This information is all well and good, but just how do you relay this to your partner? Telling them housework is part of the frolics may leave them suspicious of your motives believing you’ve found yet another way to badger them into doing more housework!

After directing them to this article, try explaining that by spending time together you are not only taking care of the week’s chores, thus eliminating the resentments of who does the most around the house, but cementing a bond too.

If that doesn’t work, go a little further and make it fun with a little role play. Invest in a maids outfit complete with stockings and suspenders and see how he follows you from room to room as you bend you clean the lower shelves!

You can also have a pact to do the housework together naked and who knows where the passion may erupt, with eager anticipation and a duster in hand you may find the kitchen oasis as the perfect rendezvous spot for that foray into a fun fantasy.

You could of course take the dominatrix angle too, dressing to impress, in killer heels and pvc, be the boss for an evening as you direct your amour to clean faster and harder!

However you incorporate housework into foreplay, there will be no better feeling at the end of the night when you both get your breath back knowing that you’ve got the job done!