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The sneaky sex and the thrill of not getting caught in action are worth the risk. Raffaelli & Ontai (2001) noted that you could sneak out of a party and have pleasurable fun. Some tips on having sneaky sex at house parties include preparing a location, having accessories like condoms, and choosing the appropriate time.

It's fun and exciting to hook up with a person at a party. It involves the thrill of meeting someone new or someone you know without the intention of dating. Most people intend to have sneaky sexual relations with a different person other than their partners. There's more fun involved as two parties have agreed to a consensual relationship. Most of the pleasures obtained at the parties are risky. Some of the tips for having sneaky sex at a party include;

Having Accessories.

Accessories such as sex toys, lingerie, and condoms might come in handy. One can decide to explore with the other person using sex toys. Craig (1993) stated that partners could experiment with sex toys such as vibrators, which can buzz or vibrate to excite and arouse the vagina, and dildos that penetrate the vagina, anus, or the mouth. You can use anal toys made to get into the anus and offer stimulation. For example, Ben Wa Balls and butt plugs. They are used on both genders. Ladies can wear sexy lingerie under their coats and remove the coats to seduce their hookup. A lingerie covered in a coat is the best to wear as it will be easier to get into it than zipping down jeans. Too much clothing may work against you if you are in a hurry not to get caught, as you might forget to zip up. The confusion when picking the clothes might result in jokes causing embarrassment. You can also carry peppermint to chew to get off the awful smell of beer. No one fancies kissing someone with an awful breath. 


Picking a place to have sneaky sex might be difficult, but one needs to have a location far from the crowd. The bedroom might be ideal. Use your bedroom for more privacy because no one enters the main bedroom unless allowed. Places like the washrooms or the closets might be ideal if it's an invited party. One can sneak out and have freaky sex inside the car away from the party's venue. Sneaky sex comes with risks, but it's not advisable to have sex where one can easily be found. It's called sneaky because one doesn't intend to be found out. Hallways and party rooms should be left to those drinking and smoking and sneaking into a private place.

Perfect timing

House parties are meant for drinking, smoking, and getting down to the floor. Hookups and sneaky sex happen mostly when the party is at its peak. It means that one may miss out on activities and events at the party. You might start by disappearing or moving far from your group with your partner. You can also start the foreplay by grinding on your partner as you dance. It will give your date the suggestive signals that you're in the mood for pleasurable fun. Jönsson et al. (2015) stated that your date will get into the mood by touching you sexually. You can also stand at the corner drinking or pretend to be talking while your partner is using a sex toy on you. You can then decide to sneak out when both of you are in the mood. It is advisable to make it quick and come back to the party so that your absence is not felt by the group that accompanied you. It will be easier as you had started with the foreplay at the party. Going missing at the party without informing someone may create panic. People may search for you and report you to the authority if you take long to return. It feels awkward and shaming when you return looking messy. You don't want to be caught with your pants down and someone on you. It is more shaming when they find you naked. You may end up on social media.

False alibi

You're likely to have friends checking up on you after they notice you're missing from the party. Suppose you plan on having a hookup or sneaking out; it's important to have someone you will use as a cover-up. You might also lie that you're unwell and that Lilian, for instance, is with you. Some of the best moments are when the alibi is your hookup partner. He might pretend to take you to the washrooms, and both of you can get down to having some fun with no interruptions from friends who check on you every 15 minutes. You can ask your friend to lie that you're with them, then sneak out for some minutes and hook up with your partner. When someone asks where you've been, your friends will cover up for you by informing them that you've gone to the washrooms and will be back. These false alibis give you some time to have fun with your partner.

Wear protection

 Hooking up and having sex is fun and exciting. It's important to be safe. One should carry a condom to the party. You may be drunk and engage in sexual acts when out of your mind. You may not know the status of your hookup since they are new.  Holmes et al. (2020) advised that you can use a condom to protect yourself from sexually transmitted infections and diseases. No one wants to get pregnant with a stranger; use other contraceptive methods if you had raw sex. Let prevention be better than cure.


Hookups and sneaky sex can come with risks. The fun and sensational feeling are great. The thrill of meeting someone new at a party might get your body aroused. It's worth the risk to try out new things as long as one practices safe sex. Carry condoms and other contraceptives. Be on the lookout not to be caught pants down and embarrass yourself.


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