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Write your Way into Foreplay Frenzy

Write your Way into Foreplay Frenzy

Write your Way into Foreplay Frenzy

By Elena Ognivtseva

Whether you dream of petticoats and corsets with Mr Darcy reading you romantic poetry after a wet dip in the lake, or you enjoy more modern erotic stories and would love your partner to take the place of the mystery hunk, there is a way you can incorporate wordplay into your foreplay.

Many of us love to write as a hobby but barely seem to have enough time; however this medium of getting our thoughts on paper empties the mind and when in an erotic setting, allows us to live out our fantasies.

Write your Own Story

You can write your own erotic story with you as the main character. The trick is to let your imagination flow and believe that only you will be able to see the result. This allows you to detail your secret desires without worrying about judgement from others, and who knows you may just find that you have a talent for writing of the erotic type.

When starting your story set the scene, you can either dress yourself up to be the maid, the secretary or the killer blonde or you can invent a whole new character that will live out your desires for you. Focus on one fantasy per short story giving it detail from the glistening abs of your amour to the black lace stockings you peel off seductively.

As you write you will already be warming up to something special as many women find by putting their sexiest thoughts on paper they actually whip themselves up into a state of arousal. The best bit is, you can read the most enjoyable acts again and again, giving your fantasy a whole new life.

Share your Story

Now you can share your story if you dare. You can allow your partner to read it when in bed together, email it to him at work, so he builds up desire throughout the day, or read it aloud and watch how his temperature rises. You can also go one step further, by dressing as the main character so when he returns from work, or turns to you at the climax; you’re making the tale last that little bit longer. Make sure you add little hints and tips to how you’d really like to be treated in bed as this can be a perfect way to perfect your partner’s technique without being confrontational.

Take Two to Tango

If you encourage your partner to respond in kind, you will hold the key to unlicking his secret fantasies. He can either write his own full short story or you can play a game where you both write a paragraph each. If choosing the latter though don’t expect the story to have a complete ending as you may find you both swap pens for passion half way through!