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How to Play the Role in Role Play – Policewoman and Masseur

How to Play the Role in Role Play – Policewoman and Masseur

How to Play the Role in Role Play – Policewoman and Masseur

By Ekaterina Mironova

Role play is a fantastic way to add a little sparkle into a relationship. It can be as fun or a serious as you like and both partners can live out their ideal pornographic fantasies whilst never straying from home. The outfit is only part of the game, as although some will excite by simply being worn, to fully appreciate role play a little acting is needed to.

It’s within these outfits and under these disguises that many of us find we can truly let go. As we take on the persona of someone else, our inhibitions dissipate leaving us living out our dreams whilst satisfying those of our lovers.

We have discussed some before, the nurse and the secretary, now here are some ideal scenarios for a few other characters in your passionate play!

The Policewoman

There are many policewomen costumes on offer from a stout British copper to a US state trooper, however, no matter which one you are the policewoman is usually predominantly the dominant one. Some outfits do have the addition of plastic handcuffs but for a more authentic experience you can pick up some metal handcuffs with a key for next to nothing.

Basically you need to catch your lover committing a crime. This can be fun, such as “the crime is your bulge looks too delicious in those black boxer shorts” or more serious, “you are under arrest for robbing the post office, you do not have to say anything, anything you do say will be taken as evidence which may then be used against you in a court of law”. You get the idea.

This could go one of two ways. He could be a master criminal that has his wicked way before fleeing from the scene (see my other article about rape fantasies), or you could decide that you’ve been married to the job for too long and will drop the charges if this delinquent helps you to relieve a little stress.

The Masseur

Many men have the massage parlour fantasy. This may be due to the fact that in some select areas, this is the one fantasy that could become a reality. Porn movies show all manner of professionals giving into lust with the ordinary public, yet in real life the bank clerk or child’s headmistress is hardly likely to take you over the desk! In seedier massage parlours sexual favours are added extras, and although some men wouldn’t dream of paying for this service, in their own head, the fantasy is a huge turn on. You can bring it to life with the addition of a skin tight busy costume, a pair of latex gloves and a LOT of lubricant/massage oil.

The trick with this one is to have him face down with underwear on. You need to start very innocently indeed. Head and shoulder massages are great. As you reach for more oil, let your fingers accidently brush against his bum. As he relaxes, remove your clothes and lean closer as you continue with a back massage. Feeling your erect nipples on his back will have him begging you to do more, but don’t. A blindfold is great for this. All the time tell him how much is gorgeous body is turning you on. Speak dirty and say how much you can’t help becoming aroused.

Let him know that you find him so attractive that you’d happily add the extras for free. Make a show of locking the bedroom door, before flipping him over and having your wicked way!