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Are you thinking of fulfilling all your sexual fantasies and desires with your partner? You can now live out your secret fantasy with the growing collection of roleplay costumes. 

Roleplay is one of the intimate sexual plays to engage with your partner. But this needs special outfits designed specifically for that purpose. With fantasy role play costumes, you can engage in different sexual plays, including nurse & patient, teacher & student, and police & suspect. These magical outfits are designed perfectly to give you sensational play and improve your sex life. Moreover, you can introduce these fantasy role play costumes in your relationship and experience different sexual games with your partner. These outfits are also revealing, making them the perfect choice for kinky and erotic bedroom moments. 

What Are Fantasy Role Play Outfits?

Roleplay outfits are costumes perfectly designed to enhance or spice things up in your sex life. There are different fantasy role play outfits designed for different sex games. You will get what fits you the best from nurse, doctor, police, party to the student. Moreover, role play outfits also come in different colors, shapes, and sizes, allowing you to choose what suits your desires. Roleplay costumes are also made perfectly to ensure you comfortably fit in them for a pleasurable sexual experience with your partner. You can wear these amazing costumes indoors or outdoors, depending on how you want to set them up. 

Different Types of Fantasy Role Play Outfits 

Léon-Henri, & Jain (2017) explained that numerous role play costumes are now available. You can now choose to buy any that pleases you and your partner. Here are some of the role play outfits you can have access to when shopping;

Naughty Nurse Role Play Outfits

Does your partner need emergency attention? Dress to kill with the naughty nurse fantasy outfits before calling you, doctor. This costume perfectly fulfills all your uniform and role play fantasies. The sexy nurse costume features a seductive dress, pleasing teddies, and sensual chemise with various roleplay accessories. It is specifically what your doctor would want to witness.

Saucy Schoolgirl Role Play Outfits 

Do you think of joining after school party for some kinky playtime with your friends? You can choose the sexy, seductive, saucy, naughty schoolgirl costume for some amazing moments. Whether you are strictly a teacher or a student, different choices will suit your desires.

French Maid Role Play Outfits

This kinky and naughty lingerie features sexy bra sets, a daring dress, wet look aprons, and a corset that gives you a magical beauty. The costume will help you fulfill all the role play fantasies with your partner. 

Sexy Soldier Role Play Uniforms 

Do you want to take charge during a fantasy, sexy sexual moment with your partner? Turk (2019) stated that individuals should consider buying the sexy solder roleplay costumes for some incredible moments with their partner. Different types fit both the males and females who desire to venture into role play sex games. 

Police Woman Role Play Outfits 

These erotic and kinky outfits give you a unique roleplay of cops and thugs. The outfit features a hat, badge, handcuffs, bra tops, and a sexy mini dress. Also, this outfit is made from fishnet & wet look lace and sheer materials, making it a perfect choice for bedroom lingerie. 

Air Hostess Role Play Costumes

Have you ever thought of becoming a sexy stewardess? You can become your partner's sexy stewardess with the naughty air hostess roleplay to enhance your roleplay moments. The outfit also leaves you with seductive looks that will make your partner want to chew you whole.

Bunny Girl Role Play Outfits

The sexy bunny girl outfits are role play costumes that will offer you the right play. They are designed specifically for babes. You can also choose to buy the playboy bunny role play costumes if you are a guy. These outfits will help you fulfill all the bunny girl sexual fantasies. 

Kitty Cat Role Play Outfits 

Unleash the wildest side with the sexiest range of kinky cat role play outfits. These outfits are designed perfectly to help you fulfill all your fantasies with your partner. The costume features different varieties, from shorts bodysuits to bra sets. It allows you to choose what fits your perfectly.

How to Choose the Perfect Role Play Costume

Including role play outfits in your lingerie collection is the best feeling ever. They are also an essential choice for any couple who wants to improve their sex life. But how can you ensure you have the right role play outfit for a specified sex game? It would help if you were well conversant with the outfits before buying to choose appropriate choices. Marder et al. (2019) stated that you can always consider numerous aspects when buying your role play costumes which include;

Material Used 

Different materials are often used when it comes to the production of costumes. Like any other outfits in the market, role play costumes are also made from different materials to make them comfortable and safe when worn. These materials can be spandex, mesh, silk, cotton, lace, etc. Therefore, it is up to you to choose what gives you the desired comfort.

Size and Shape of the Costume 

According to Slater et al. (2017), different body sizes and shapes for different role play costumes should be considered by an individual. One size can never fit more than one individual. Costumes are made in different shapes and sizes to allow a comfortable and easy fit. The plus-size babes have their collection with every feature of the outfits targeting them. Also, the medium-sized and small-bodied have somewhere to shop. It allows you to embrace your beauty and figure regardless of the outfit size.


Color is one of the most crucial aspects of choosing the right role play costume. There are different colors in the Dimepiece collection you can always choose from, with colors such as white, red, and yellow. Blue, pink, black, and green, you cannot miss any that suits your desires and tastes. 

The Purpose of Buying the Outfit

Why are you buying the costume? Consider answering this question before making your orders. It will prevent you from buying the wrong outfits. You can choose to go for a sexy nurse costume if you prepare to play nurse and patient with your partner. Ensure you choose a costume that matches your sex game idea.

Talk it Through 

Consider talking everything through with your partner before introducing any lingerie or costume in your relationship. It helps grow your trust and love inside your sex life. Also, make your partner understand why you want to introduce roleplay in your sex life. Having the same idea helps create a magical sex play between you and your partner. 



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